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How to Create a Summer Road Trip Video You Can Be Proud Of

Published Jun 28th 2007, 5:42pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Roofrackoverload So you're off on the big family road trip... or maybe you're still planning the big family road trip; or maybe you just returned from the big family road trip. Have you thought about how you're going to document, edit, and then share your fun vacation story with your friends and family?

Here's a cool article at Internet Video Magazine  that shows you how to shoot, edit, and share your videos, thanks to a free guide that makes it easy for families, video amateurs, and kids to create their own summer vacation movies and share it on the 'net.

Ap_internet_video_mag_logo"Most people shoot video of their vacation and it does not go anywhere, the tapes just sit on a shelf and no one ever gets to see them," said Mark Shapiro, Editor in Chief at Internet Video Magazine. "Nowadays, transferring and editing video is easy - putting it up on a free video sharing site like YouTube, MySpace, or Divx Stage6 is simple and safe. Families have no excuse to not share their vacations with the relatives."

Internet Video Magazine has just released their "Guide to How to Put Your Summer Vacation Videos on the Net." Aspiring videomakers can learn how to get ready for their trip, what to bring along to make sure that they get the video and audio they want, as well as great tips and tricks to make the video vacation as rewarding and as safe as possible.

Ugly_bag The article also includes the ugly bag secret: Instead of putting your gear inside of an "official" camera bag or case, store your precious camcorder and accessories inside of an ugly diaper bag. No one steals a diaper bag ... especially if you lay a few diapers across the top to use as camouflage and padding.

The guide also covers some great shooting ideas to make the finished video look as good as possible as well as some inside info about how to actually prepare and upload your family road trip video to a site like YouTube.

This awesome three-page article is an excellent resource for preserving those summer road trip memories... You could even create your own road trip version of that Chevy Chase "Vacation" movie series!

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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