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How to Achieve Hands-Free Productivity While in the Car

Published Jul 19th 2007, 2:51pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ap_jott_logo I recently signed up for a very cool productivity tool at  Basically it's a voice recognition service that you can dial into from your cell phone, and it will transcribe the content of your phone call and send it directly to your email address.... so if you're driving along and you have one of those "AHA!" moments, you can call their number and leave a message, and it will magically appear in your inbox.

It's a great alternative to pulling over to write a note to yourself while driving, and quicker than trying to scavenge a piece of paper and pen on which to write the note. And it's a safe replacement for text messaging while driving. Combine this service with a nice hands-free bluetooth device for your cell phone, and it's a productivity no-brainer.

Also, you can import contacts from Gmail or whatever other mail service you use (such as AOL, Yahoo, or whatever you use) and you can send notes to those people as well.... So if you're driving along and remember something you want to tell SOMEBODY else, you can call the same number, leave a message for whomever you've imported into your contact list, and it will send THEM the contents of your message. FYI: It allows you to select who you add to your Jott contact list; it doesn't just import everybody in your entire phonebook. A quick phone call sends a note off to whomever you choose, without requiring you to initiate what might become a more detailed telephone conversation.

Ap_jott_call_speak_get_more_done It's also totally free. I haven't used it enough yet to figure out how it pays for itself, but my own messages have come through very clearly. I have dictated more than few thoughts to myself that were a little bit of a ramble, and they came through very well. 

It's a pretty cool service.... I spend a lot of time in my car thinking about story ideas or noodling over details, and it's perfect for those times when I get a thought I don't want to forget.... I just jott a message (up to 30 seconds long) to myself, and it appears in my inbox, or the inbox of the person I need to remind.

Their slogan is "Think it. Jott it. Do it." It's a slogan that really makes sense for people who spend a lot of time in the car, where our attention really needs to be focused on driving.

Brandysnewibook_z By Brandy Schaffels
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