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How High Was Your Auto Loan Quote?

Published Sep 19th 2007, 8:30am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Carloanhorse Did you apply for an auto loan and get a quote that was higher than you expected? Your high auto loan quote might be because you paid some bills late or just let your credit score slip. You may be frustrated with the auto loan quote because you know you have the income to make your payments and just need another chance.  Getting updated auto loan quote information is easier than you think.  Instead of applying four separate times for a quote, using financing sites like actually do all the work for you and with only one application.

Shopping Online for an Auto Loan Quote

In today's competitive environment lenders are looking for new loans. You can get auto loan quotes both online and offline. Remember, just because you apply, there is no obligation to accept the auto loan quote after you are approved. Lenders base their auto loan quotes based on many different criteria. Some lenders only consider making loans to those with perfect or near perfect credit. Some lenders focus on the "middle market" or those customers that have a few late payments. Other lenders focus on customers that have had or still have impaired credit. So, no matter what your credit circumstances are, chances are very good that you can find an auto loan quote that is right for you.

Carloan10_2 One big difference is really reading past the false advertisements on the sites that you visit.  Not all of these sites that promise auto loan quotes really do so.  What they do is collect your information and then sell it to a dealer.  The dealer then is the entity that goes out and tries to get financing for you.  If you want to get the best rates, go direct!  If you want to become empowered, whether you are shopping for a new or used auto or trying to refinance, work with actual finance companies like which is a licensed lending company.

Auto Loan Quote for Refinancing

If you have discovered that you didn't get the best auto loan rate the first time but needed to go ahead and purchase, shop until you find the best auto loan quote on an auto refinance loan.  There are no fees or costs to improve your APR and possibly lower your monthly payment if you have a high rate now.  If your credit has improved since you took your auto loan, you will most likely receive a better auto loan quote now. Sometimes people are forced into a high auto loan rate because of impaired credit, meaning they had a few problems in the past due to some unfortunate circumstances.  Life happens.  Many lenders will consider a refinance after seeing at least six payments made on time, and offer a lower auto loan quote once these payments have been made. You have nothing to lose since there are no costs and it is such an easy process that you will be totally surprised.  Lenders make auto refinance loans so easy that you can have everything done in just a few days.  Start saving now is what we recommend.

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