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Highway Hero Helps Thousands of Stranded Motorists

Published Sep 26th 2008, 5:18am by Jody DeVere in

thomas wellerThomas Weller -- a kind-faced, gray-haired gentleman -- is the local hero of San Diego area highways.

daryn kaganA mechanic by trade, he cruises the roadways playing good Samaritan in a Ghostbusters-inspired rescue vehicle, fully equipped with power tools and even an air compressor to handle practically any roadside mechanical emergency. This three-minute CBS video we found at shares his inspired story of kindness.

Weller handles everything from overheating engines to changing tires with a cheery can-do attitude, which is clearly bolstered by a heroic uniform and heavy-duty boots, which help to reinforce the overall presentation of his benevolent behavior.

pay it forwardSaying "there is too much anger and distrust and fear out there. I'd like the world to be a better place," Weller simply asks the recipients of his benevolence to do the same for others at some point in the future. By his own count, Weller has rescued more than 5000 motorists since he was originally challenged to pay a favor forward more than 40 years ago.

I've always relied on my AutoClub membership to provide assistance with dead batteries, flat tires, and locked cars, but it's nice to know there is a person out there who generously offers his own time and tools to help people in need. On the other hand, as much as I admire his selflessness, I can't help but wonder what might happen in the future should one of his good deeds go awry. In today's litigious society, I fear that some stranger might sue him should one of his repairs fail. I hope he has his own Guardian Angel watching over him as well.

Have you ever been helped by a heartfelt stranger? Or are you one of those kindhearted persons who has offered your own random acts of kindness to others? Please share your stories here.

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