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High-Tech Alerts Sound the Alarm on Drowsy Drivers

Published Feb 12th 2008, 5:24pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Pftqg473864373There is a short period of time after my first child was born that I absolutely do not remember driving to and from work. The night-time nursing interruptions, coupled with a 40-mile commute often induced an early morning state of autopilot that was more like a driving coma. More than once, I snapped back to attention to realize I was miles past my exit and was heading into another city.

Drowsy_driver I knew that driving while super sleepy was not a good thing, but I was a working mom, and I just had to get there... Sometimes, it's simply impossible to avoid a tired trip. You may be shocked to know that, according to a blog at, an estimated 7.5 million drivers nod off behind the wheel in any given month! In fact, statistics show 37% of all drivers admit that they have dozed off while driving.

Piddysplace149512201 Enter new earpiece devices that sense when your head falls forward and trigger an alarm to snap you out of your sleepy state. But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- along with leading sleep experts -- are not convinced the gadgets will actually prevent accidents, and are concerned drivers will have a false sense of security.

Can the high tech alarms really alert you before it's too late... or are you in for a risky ride?


By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor and Sleepy Mom of Two

creative commons photos courtesy of piddysplace and pftqg via flickr

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