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Happy International Womens Day!

Published Mar 8th 2021, 4:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

It's 2021, a year since the world first went into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through it all, women have stood at the front lines of the crisis as healthcare workers, caregivers, community organizers, company leaders, and even our delivery drivers, bank tellers, and checkout clerks.  The past year has highlighted both the importance of the contributions of women to our society, as well as the disproportionate burdens which they bear.  That's why today, on International Women's Day, we want to salute all the women essential workers all across our country.  We couldn't have gotten through the last year without all of you!

International Women's Day is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on how far we've come, in a year full of adversities; it is a time to call for change, and to celebrate great efforts; it is a time to celebrate those ordinary women who play an extraordinary role in their company, community, state, or nation.   Though we have made exceptional advances in the past few decades, today no country has truly achieved gender equality.  While we have been landing on the moon, decoding the human genome, and somehow creating a completely new iPhone every few years (this is me with my shiny new iPhone 11 giving the sideeye to the iPhone 12 commercials), 2.7 billion women do not have access to the same careers as men.

Women account for nearly half of the US workforce, but less than 25% of the automotive workforce is made up of women. Though we've helped the industry to make great strides, women still report bias, discrimination, and sexual harrassment throughout the auto industry.  That's why we at AskPatty are continuing our commitment to fight for women in the auto industry, on both sides of the sales counter!

2020 may be over, but we're not out of the woods yet - it's going to take all of us to make 2021 an exceptional year for women. We're not giving up. Let's make this year count for women and girls from shore to shore!


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