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Happy Honk Honk Holidays!

Published Dec 22nd 2006, 4:32pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Chritcar1 Ask Patty's holiday prayer:

Thanks for this car that provides me with endless fun
Thanks for the many resources that helps it continue to run

Thanks for the knowledge and integrity that keeps me on the right track
Thanks for the never-ending enthusiasm that keeps me coming back

Chritcar2 Thanks for the hands that perform the tasks that keeps the car on the road
Thanks for the precious driving time that is a pleasure to behold

Thanks for the ability to help others who enjoy doing the same
Thanks for the ability of others who help me when my car is lame

Thanks for the beautiful weather that enhances my driving enjoyment
Thanks for the beautiful scenery that enhances the surrounding adornment

Chritcar3 Thanks for providing a hobby that improves the world in which we live
Thanks for the reassurance that there are still people who are willing to give

Thanks for allowing us to drive our humble little cars on the roads
Thanks for looking the other way, when they puff a little too much smoke

Thanks for forgiving us if we spend a little too much time enjoying what we like
Thanks for giving us the will to forgive others who drive anything but the make and model I own

Chritcar4 Amen

Happy Holiday's From Ask, Inc.

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