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Happy Holidays to Me: How I Bought Myself The Perfect Gift!

Published Dec 26th 2006, 4:34pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Girlincarxmas_2 With all the shopping that goes on before the holidays, sometimes we forget to treat ourselves. Come on, we deserve it! We lug overloaded bags through parking lots, stand in astronomical lines at the stores, fight other shoppers for that last Cars DVD, and then we drive home only to lug out the wrapping supplies and wrap every present, tie every bow and write every holiday card. It’s exhausting! But of course, well worth it when we see the happy faces.

Now that all that is over, and you are busy after-holiday shopping, cleaning up all the wrapping paper and bows, not to mention turkey and leftovers (Hey! Wait a minute… we should make the men do that!), let’s reflect. What did I do for my wonderful self this year? Did I reward myself for all the hard work I put in at work and for my loved ones? This year I did.

Avicd1 I had a Pioneer AVIC navigation unit sitting in my garage waiting to be installed in my Acura for about a year. You know how it goes; it was more important to spend money elsewhere, and not on the installation of my navigation. Let me tell you, I should have done it sooner! Having navigation in my car is fantastic! Here are the great little things I love about it:

It tells me where to go in a very pleasant voice while I drive (only if I have put in a destination. It doesn’t do it all the time – how annoying would that be?)
It is smarter than I am.
It has XM radio (less commercials and very specific music genres are great!), however I had to subscribe to this feature.
It has a point of interest search, which basically means I can find anything near me (think Yahoo Maps). If I want to find the nearest restaurant or Starbucks or Vons I just look it up and it automatically routes me there. Genius!
The screen is large and super easy to read.
It’s touch screen which is kind of fun.

I have found that even changing the radio station (via the touch screen) can be difficult while driving because you have to look at the screen to make sure you touch the right spot, instead of your fingers feeling the buttons on a regular radio and just pushing them. But other than that, I love it!

So ladies, do something a little special for yourself before the new year, even if it’s as simple as taking a time out to sit with some hot cocoa or coffee and catch up on some reading. Either way, make some of this holiday season all about you!

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