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Happy Cinco de Mayo, from Chaucer the Terrier

Published May 5th 2008, 9:44pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Happy Cinco de Mayo, from Chaucer the Terrier

Chaucer the Terrier sent out this letter today, and asked me to share it on his behalf. Not too many dogs can send out emails on their own, but Chaucer is an adorable little Terrier I know through his starring role in the column "Travels with Chaucey" where he and his owner Robyn McCarthy share stories and tips about their road trips together. The duo share lots of information about dog-friendly hotels and inns, dog-friendly restaurants, even dog-friendly tourist attractions, historical sites and museums, and national parks. Chaucer also includes insightful reviews of the kennels and dog resorts he's boarded around the country.

Chaucer_the_dog_2 "Hello friends! Today is a day of celebration: It is both "Cinco de Mayo" AND the Official launch date of my fully redesigned and expanded website, !

"Wait a moment, little terrier," I hear you saying. "What does a holiday with a Spanish name have to do with the launch of a site called Chaucer Sees AMERICA? And, is that a genuine serape you're wearing?!"

Since one of the main purposes of my website is to teach kids about the history and customs of places I visit on my travels around this great country of ours, let's pause for a quick lesson here, shall we?

For those of you not living in California or the Southwest (or within driving distance of a Mexican restaurant), Cinco de Mayo -- literally the Fifth of May -- is a holiday observed by people of Mexican descent in which they celebrate the ideals of freedom and self-determination. Often confused with Mexican Independence Day (which is actually in September), Cinco de Mayo refers to the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, in which 4,000 Mexican soldiers rousted a French military force twice that size. When Mexican immigrants came to the United States, they brought this celebration with them, and it has evolved to include parades, folklorico dancing, and other festive activities.

The unfortunate fact that the Mexican forces later lost the overall fight should not dim our appreciation of a holiday in which songs are sung and glasses are raised in the name of liberty. So, if you're kind enough to toast my website launch with your Cinco de Mayo libation this evening, please remember to raise your glass a second time to toast all the American troops who are doing so much to protect our own freedoms and liberty today.

And yes, that is a real serape."

Chaucerseesamericalogo_2 Check out his fun and informative website at !

By Brandy Schaffels Editor

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