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Happily Ever After… with Your Car

Published Feb 3rd 2021, 1:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

It’s February, and Valentine’s Day is approaching!  You know what that means: lots of talk of romance and sweethearts, boxes of chocolate, bunches of flowers, and too many mylar balloons.  On a day when office cubicles are punctuated with floating red hearts and aromatic bouquets, we know that the picture of Valentine’s Day is going to look different across the AskPatty Nation.  Many workers are still telecommuting due to COVID, and the pandemic has certainly caused a shift in our thinking and priorities. 

With that in mind, we’d like to remind you to remember the other constant in your life this Valentine’s Day – your car.  Whether you’re happily single, blissfully wed, recovering from a breakup, exploring socially distant dating, or in a relationship and making it work, your car is the one who gets you to all the places you want to be, and people you want to be with.  It won’t respond to candy hearts or fancy chocolates, but that shouldn’t stop you from lavishing some love and affection onto your sweet ride this February.  With that in mind, here’s the guide to living happily ever after – with your car!

A Breath of Fresh Air

Whether it’s 10 below or 110 in the shade, the first thing many of us check when we turn on the car is our heating or air conditioning.  This system does more than just keep you comfy – it also contributes to your health, so make sure that the air quality in your cabin is top notch.  Ask at your next oil change about changing you in-cabin air filter.

Have Some Refreshment

Every great date starts with drinks – whether you like fresh water, a nice herbal tea, a mocha latte, or something a little stronger, no one can deny that fluids are the way to anyone’s heart – including your car.  Make sure your car has plenty of fresh, clean fluids – schedule an oil & filter change, and while you’re at it make sure that your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and coolant are fresh and full.

I Can See Clearly Now!

In the winter, we drive in all sorts of weather conditions.  You don’t want to be eyeing the road through a smeared windshield.  Scrubbing, scraping, or smearing windshield wipers need to be replaced.  Then you’ll be able to see the road ahead with your valentine more clearly!

Behold the Power of Shoes

We all know the power of shoes – but your car’s shoes can literally stop traffic.  At your next scheduled maintenance, have your brake shoes checked for wear, and if your brakes are making a squeaking, whistling, or (yikes) grinding sound, have them changed as soon as possible!

It’s About the Journey, not the Destination

The road ahead with your valentine is (hopefully) a long one, and you’ll need tires to  get there.  Make sure to check your tire pressure at least once a month to keep them properly inflated, rotate them about every other oil change, and keep an eye on your tire tread (remember the penny trick for tire tread) to make sure that your car can go the distance.

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