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Hands-free Holiday Shopping at - While Driving?

Published Dec 18th 2007, 7:00pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Jottlogo Get this. I'm driving to an appointment, when I get an idea for a holiday gift. Of course, because I'm in my car, you might think there's not much I can do.... Guess again!

A new partnership between and allows for verbal on-the-fly requests for products, reviews, and prices - with results delivered directly to your email inbox.

I love Jott. I've been a member since the summer, but this elevates the free service to an all-new level. Not familiar with Jott? Read my earlier review of it here.

As far as hands-free shopping in the car, all I had to do was dial 866-JOTT-123 and tell the voice recognition program to Jott Amazon, then provide several keywords. (Basically, you speak the keywords just as if you might type them into the search box online.)

I wear a hands-free bluetooth headset while driving. My entire conversation went something like this:

I push a button. I tell my phone: "Call someone."
Phone: "Who do you want to call?"
Me: "Jott."
Phone: "Calling."
(phone is answered by Jott)
Jott: "Who do you want to Jott?"
Me: "Amazon"
Jott: "Amazon, is that correct?"
Me: "Yes"
Me: "Harry Potter DVD Box Set" (Amazon suggests stating only the product or item name; just as you'd type it into the search field on Amazon's website).
Hang up the phone and continue driving.

Harrypotterjottedatamazon_2 When I got home, Jott had sent me an email with the top five results for my search, complete with price info and user ratings (enlarge the image to see my results). I was able to click on the items in the email to view the product details on Amazon, so I could then easily choose which items to add to my Wish List or shopping cart. Minutes later, my item was ordered. If only ALL my Christmas shopping could be this easy.

If you are able to access your email via your cell phone or PDA, you can also gather information so you will be better informed about prices and product information before shopping at a retail establishment.

It's important that you speak clearly, and think about your keywords before you Jott them. gives the following suggestions to improve your experience:

1. The more specific you are with the item, the more accurate your results will be

2. In the off chance that you do not receive search results in the email from the item you were searching for, please try sending a Jott to Amazon again with more specific terms.

3. Only say the product name or item. Starting with "I want" or "I would like to get" will return no search results.

4. Use key words to direct your search to a certain category. Including: Movie(s), Film(s), Video(s), DVD(s), Apparel, Clothes, Fashion, Book(s), Electronics, Music, Cd(s)

5. List specific brand names and items.
For example: "Trek Mountain Bike"
Amazon results will show top selling items for Trek Mountain bikes.

6. List the type of item you are looking for. Follow this up with a specific to help narrow your results.
For example: "book, John Wood"
Amazon results will show top selling books by John Wood.
For example: "movies, Coen brothers"
Amazon results will show top selling Coen brothers movies

As a busy mom who needs to make the best use of my time, I must recommend Jott as an excellent productivity tool. Using it to shop Amazon while I'm on the go makes life even simpler.

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By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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