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Girl Power - The New Influencers

Published Apr 27th 2007, 6:10pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Paul_bookPaul Gillin's new book "The New Influencers - A Marketers Guide to New Social Media",  features a section called "Girl Power" on Be sure to pick up a copy here at to read what Paul has to say about how we are changing the rules on the playing field in the automotive space! Woo Hoo!

The New Influencers is a book for corporate marketers and executives who want to understand and engage with the vast new channels of influence that are emerging online.

It's a book about the people who are using online media to drive what may be the greatest change in market dynamics since television. Internet-based communications platforms like weblogs (blogs) and podcasts are giving individuals the power to reach global audiences without the restrictions of conventional channels or editors. These “social media” are changing markets in dramatic ways.

The core of the book is profiles of more than 20 people ( including me!), who exemplify the culture and spirit of this community. Through in-depth interviews, the author provides a sense of who they are and why they publish. Their stories create a fascinating tapestry of experience and perspective that illuminates this emerging market in new ways.

Paul480pxlPaul has chronicled the information technology revolution for nearly 25 years.

Paul is a veteran technology journalist with more than 24 years of editorial leadership. Paul was founding editor-in-chief of TechTarget, one of the most successful new media entities to emerge on the Internet. Previously, he was editor-in-chief and executive editor of Computerworld . Currently, he writes the social media column for BtoB magazine. His forthcoming book,The New Influencers , chronicles the changes in markets being driven by the new breed of bloggers and podcasters. It will be published by Quill Driver Books in spring, 2007.

Paul in specializes in advising business-to-business marketers on strategies to optimize their use of online channels to reach buyers cost-effectively. He is particularly interested in social media and the application of personal publishing to brand awareness and business marketing.

Paul is an accomplished speaker and media spokesman. He has keynoted more than a dozen technology conferences, including annual user group meetings for IBM, Oracle, Cognos, Business Objects and J.D. Edwards. He has also spoken at scores of other events about technology trends and social media.

His ability to translate complex technology topics into plain English has made him a favorite source for journalists. He has been widely quoted in newspapers and on the airwaves, including appearances on CNN, PBS, Fox News and MSNBC.

“Markets are conversations.”

Paul blogs at

Thank you Paul for including in your new book !

Jody_devere_v71_3 Jody DeVere


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