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Gas Dandy: The Best Gas Mileage Tool Around!

Published Jan 1st 2007, 12:00pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Gas_dandy So check out this little gizmo I found for keeping track of your gas mileage. GasDandy is an easy-to-use tool that tracks your vehicle's mileage and vital statistics, providing data that can be used for both business and personal purposes, including tax deductions!* This simple program calculates mile-per-gallon averages and even reminds drivers when maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations are due, ensuring that tune-ups and car care, which can prolong the life of a vehicle, are taken care of on time.

You know how the dealerships always say "Well, you can get 398 miles to the gallon with this baby! That's the factory number!" Yeah, so it MUST be correct, right? Hmm, not so much. So for example, I bought my 2005 RSX back in '04 and the sticker said 26 street/32 highway. Not too shabby! Especially for a racy little sports car! A few years later (and every scheduled maintenance performed thankyouverymuch), and I wanted to know where I was really at with that.

Gas_dandy_screen So I downloaded the program from their web site (it took only a few seconds to install on my PC), plugged in my numbers (you need to know how much you spent, how many gallons you filled, and your before and after odometer readings), and voila! I get an average of 27.52 miles per gallon... and that was with at least half of the driving on the highway. Hmmm, not so much what the sticker said is it?

Well, I still love my car tons, because heck, it's not Her fault. It's more likely mine because I tend to "cruise" at 80 mph when on the freeway whenever possible. I guess I have to rethink my argument to my husband that "I totally get better gas mileage the faster I go."

So here is some more info on GasDandy for you:
As a vehicle's information is entered into the program, GasDandy generates a MPG graph, helping users to visually understand their driving characteristics and quickly identify changes and trends that may occur over time in their vehicle's performance. It also provides a convenient "notes" section that helps users save information, such as changes to spark plugs, air filters, wipers, and records of repairs, that is recorded for future reference.

All user data can be printed out in uncomplicated and accessible reports, offering a handy, trouble-free way to keep tabs on your vehicle's performance and to streamline the calculation of business vehicle expenses. And since no internet connection is required, GasDandy can be used at home, at the office, or on the road.

There is a one-time purchase fee of $14.95 to upgrade to the full version of GasDandy, which can make unlimited entries and record user data for up to three vehicles at a time. You can even personalize your own edition of GasDandy by using the preferences settings to add your own
customized background art and vehicle photos.

Good thing, because my only complaint was that the lackluster design was a bit boring. LOVE the little gas dude though! So cute!

Ask Patty approves it!

Breanne_new Breanne Boyle
eMarketing Manager
Ask Patty

*Make sure you check with your accountant when it comes to deductions, just to be sure.

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