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Published Aug 9th 2006, 7:00pm by Jody DeVere in

Q: I just bought a new car , how often should I get my new car washed or detailed to keep it in top condition?
A: (Expert Debbie Lee Professional Car Care) In regards to washing:  I would recommend that you keep your exterior free of road dirt and debris.  Depending on the weather and your vehicles exposure that could vary.  One time per week should keep your vehicles appearance looking good.

In regards to detailing:  Two times per year is the standard answer.  That would be good for a covered or garaged vehicle without much exposure to the elements.  If your vehicle is exposed daily to the elements such as sun/heat, sea air, snow, acid rain or any harsh conditions then I would say four times per year.  Color of vehicle also plays a role; darker colors need more attention as a rule.  It is just as important to keep the interior of your vehicle clean as the exterior.  Regular shampooing of your carpets/upholstery, conditioning your leather, cleaning your dash, vents and console these are all good tools to maintain your vehicles appearance and value.

A:  ( Expert Gayle Clark Motor City Sales and Service, L.L.C  )To keep your vehicle showroom beautiful, I recommend your find a “Hand Car Wash Center”, which offers a combination wash & wax product, in my opinion  this method of wash is less abrasive to your new cars finish, and more thoroughly cleans. A regular wash once a week is good.

Auto Detail should be done every 6 months, however if you have small children or pets I recommend every 3>
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