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Published Dec 1st 2006, 8:05pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Ask Patty

Ask, Inc.
6151 Osprey Dr. Suite 335
Sarasota, Florida 34240

Who Is Ask Patty?
Patty is a mom, daughter, sister, wife, niece, grandmother and auntie. Patty is young, old, married, single; Patty is an experienced driver, a new driver, a race car, hot rod, classic car driver; Patty drives a mini van, truck and SUV; Patty is a disabled driver and a carpool driver. Patty is a stay at home Mom, a female executive and she comes in all shapes and sizes. Patty is Women Consumers!

Why Ask Patty?
Did you know that women influence 80% of all vehicle purchases in the US? Women also buy approximately 50% of all new and used cars and 40% of all trucks sold in the US, yet, shopping for and buying a car can still be a challenge for women. Ask Patty offers women a safe, online place to share and discuss their car buying experiences.

In addition, Ask Patty offers:

  • An opportunity to send questions to a panel of automotive-expert women headed up by Deborah Renshaw, professional NASCAR driver, and Lauren Fix, The Car Coach

  • A female-friendly dealer search database

  • Articles and content on automotive related topics

  • Educational Womanar podcasts by expert women

  • A blog where women can comment about auto-related subjects
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