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Ex-Con Cabbie Carjacks Passenger (aka Robbie Gordon Films a New Pepsi Commercial)

Published Mar 5th 2014, 1:30am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

ex-con taxi driver aka Robbie Gordon carjacks automotive journalist for pepsi commercialSocial media is abuzz with chatter about how an automotive journalist was recently kidnapped by an ex-con cabbie and taken along in a police chase. In the reality-style YouTube video, the guy squeals like a baby from the back seat of the taxi, and begs the driver to let him out, pleading “this never works. THIS NEVER WORKS!!”

Meanwhle, the cops chase them at high speeds, lights and sirens blaring, through an industrial brickyard, dodging buildings and hitting barrels. taxi police car robbie gordon pepsi commercialThe cabbie, who early in the ride had admitted he “just got out after 10 years in jail," drives like a maniac yelling, “I can’t go back, I can’t go back,” while attempting to evade the police.

And then, they end up inside a warehouse filled with Pepsi cartons and confetti, and cameras and people, and the taxi driver jumps out to tell his panicked passenger that he is actually racecar driver Robbie Gordon, and he’s just been pranked.

So, what’s the real story behind this?  Watch the video here at YouTube.



Turns out, the entire thing is the follow-up to a Pepsi commercial that aired last year, in which a disguised Jeff Gordon took an unsuspecting car salesman on a wild test drive in a Chevrolet Camaro. Automotive journalist Travis Okulski quickly discredited the Pepsi ad as a fake at the automotive website Jalopnik, and not long after, the "Test Drive 2" prank was devised to get back at him.

So it turns out this second Pepsi ad -- if you should see it on television -- is authentic. The guy in the back seat is authentically scared, and the driver is authentically racecar driver Robbie Gordon, disguised as an ex-con taxi driver.

Read more about the taxi-jacking adventure here at Jalopnik. Read the comments too, Travis is genuinely funny about the entire prank.


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