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Every Volvo Design Starts With People

Published May 5th 2014, 4:52pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

every volvo design starts with peopleEver wonder what makes a Volvo a Volvo? As one of the leading innovators in automotive safety technology, a corporate slogan at Volvo headquarters says "Cars are driven by People" and with this as the foundation of all that follows, the mantra continues, "People are where we always begin, they are in everything we design."

Volvo says the company's goal is to make your life easier, safer, and more beautiful. This is the philosophy behind everything the company creates. You can see it in everything Volvo does, from the footprint the company leaves on the planet to the imprint it leaves on your soul. And in the YouTube video below, you can see what it's like to experience a car inspired by people.



every volvo design starts with peopleVolvo has created an abundance of technology to make cars safer. Thanks to airbags, stability control systems and ABS, today's cars are safer than they ever have been. But these safety technologies are advancing quickly, and now we are beginning to see safety technology that actually acts on behalf of the driver to reduce collisions.

Case in point: some cars can stop themselves when they sense an obstruction. Volvo's "City Safety" technology, available in nearly all of the company's current models, will bring the car to full stop when it detects an object in front of the vehicle. Learn more about smart braking from Volvo that can save a life here at AskPatty.

The Volvo Car Group is undertaking an $11 billion strategy to boost the Swedish automaker’s position in the global marketplace. Learn more about Volvo's 2015 S60 Drive-E from the recent media reveal in Las Vegas.





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