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Ellen Degeneres Needs a Female Friendly Certified Dealer

Published Jun 1st 2007, 3:32pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

EllenEllen Degeneres talked about her recent car buying experience where she bought TWO cars, one for herself and one for a friend. She jokes about how great her experience was, as far as the actual purchase, and how she was so happy with her sales person that she even contemplated offering up her kidney!

Hmm, kidneys might a bit too far.
She related her attempt to trade in the same vehicle a few weeks later and tells how she was offered half of what she originally paid. As part of Ellen’s monologue on her show today, May 31st, 2007, she talked about how she feels like car sales people rip off consumers.  Now, we know a lot of people say that, but that’s just because they haven’t met one of our Female Friendly car dealers! Check out Ellen’s monologue on her Warner Bros. site. Click on today’s date for the full rant.

Ask Patty has two things to say in response:
1)    Ellen needs to go to one of our Female Friendly dealerships in Los Angeles (and we have plenty!)
2)    Ellen needs to bring us on to her show to tell her audience how not to get “ripped off” by car dealers and how to be prepared before you go in to buy a car!

Check out her video and let us know your thoughts!

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