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Drive Less? Save More!

Published Feb 8th 2009, 6:57pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Even though the price of gas has come down from the summer highs, there's still an advantage to driving less--paying less for car insurance!

Traffic_jam Think of it this way: driving fewer miles per year means you are less likely to get into an accident (since you're not on the road as much) so you cost less to insure. Insurance companies will love you! Talk to your car insurance company about discounts since many companies offer so-called "pleasure driver" discounts which could save you as much as 15% ($142 off the average premium) on your car insurance, according to the Consumer Federation of America.

How to Drive Less
Between work, kids, errands and social lives, our days are filled to the brim. So how can we drive less when there are soccer games and doctor appointments, groceries and dinners with friends?

One way might be to try out your city's public transportation system. The American Public Transportation Association  reported that Americans took more than 2.6 billion trips on public transportation in the first quarter of 2008--that's up 88 million from 2007. Look online for your local metro or bus schedule and see if there is a route that would work for you.

high occupancy vehicleAnother option is carpooling. Offer to drive a co-worker one week if they will drive the next one. You will both limit the miles put on your cars and you'll even be able to use the carpool lane! Alternate driving the girls to Brownies with other parents and co-ordinate T-ball pick-ups.  If you do join a carpool, make sure you have enough liability car insurance to protect you should you get in an accident.

When you have to drive, and we all do, combine your errands into one big trip instead of multiple little ones. Not only will you be able to relax (a little) when you get home since everything will be done, but your car will accumulate fewer miles, saving you on your car insurance.

Saving Green
Protecting the environment doesn't mean you have to adopt a whole rainforest. Every little bit helps. The day you carpool to work means one less car on the road polluting the air.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency,  vehicles account for almost 1/3 of smog-forming emissions, and the Department of Transportation says Americans drive over 200 billion miles each month (yeah, I said billion!). By limiting your driving you will not only qualify for low-mileage discounts on your car insurance, but you'll also be limiting vehicle pollution.

If or when you have reduced the number of miles you drive, use the AskPatty Insurance Center to compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies. Different companies will charge you different car insurance rates, and your existing carrier may not offer low mileage discounts.

Gina_Scott_Insweb Gina M. Scott is a Web writer and blogger for InsWeb. She has worked as a Web writer and journalist for three years, covering a variety of topics such as technology, government, and cyber security, since graduating from Sacramento State University with a BA in English--professional and creative writing. She now specializes in auto, home, term life, health and other insurance topics for Born and raised in Northern California, Gina enjoys traveling and creative writing.


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