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Don't Let Dirty, Unsafe Headlights Ruin Your Day!

Published Mar 12th 2007, 8:00pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Kimwalker_9938 by Kim Walker, Peak Automotive
We know you. You are proud of your investment and take pride in caring for your vehicle. Are you tired of walking past those dirty, dingy, ugly, foggy, or cloudy headlights?  Every time you walk past them you cringe. Here at Ask Patty, we've heard about a way to get those dingy headlights clean! No one wants to replace headlights all the time. It's a pain and it's expensive!

Peak_before You can bring your car in for a headlight restoration service at your local shops (make sure they provide this service first). My shop, Peak Automotive, offers this Headlight Restoration now and my customers love it! In the past 10 years, more and more automakers have started using plastic headlights. This has led to headlights turning a yellow or brownish color and in many cases becoming dangerously non-transparent. It also makes relatively new cars appear very old. Until recently, the headlights had to be replaced to remedy this problem. In many cases this can cost well over $1000.00 to replace a pair of headlights.

Oxidation can occur inside the lens of your headlight from the sun as well as the lamp burning inside. This can lead to limited visibility, reduced safety, poor cosmetic appeal that can reduce the value of your vehicle. In addition, it can create a loss of your headlights key function - 'illumination'. This natural deterioration can be extremely dangerous when driving at night.

Peak_after What the headlight restoration does:
Makes driving safe again
Improves the value of your auto
Saves money by restoring rather than replacing
Improves visibility and appearance

And check out how much better it looks after a restoration is done! Now you will be able to improve your auto's value, add to your visibility and be safe!

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