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Don't Drive if You're Drunk - And Don't Run if You're Dumb

Published Jan 14th 2008, 5:43pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Don't Drive if You're Drunk - And Don't Run if You're Dumb

Good_day_369206995 Sometimes life just follows a dominoes effect of mishaps that can cause a situation to go from bad to worse. Sometimes it's just dumb luck. Sometimes it's just dumb choices.

Take, for instance, the recent incident involving a 22-year-old Minnesota woman who plays the starring role in this season's best example of why it's just not a good idea to drive if you've been drinking. Oh, and why it's also a bad idea to go drunk driving with passengers in the car.

Nor is it such a good idea to take those passengers out on a freezing cold December night, when driving safely is already a challenge for the sober motorists.

Only a few things could make this scenario any worse, or any more entertaining for those of us who like to waggle the finger of shame as the story progresses into comedy of "Three Stooges" proportions.

Add in a collision with a car. Make that A POLICE car.

Turn it into a hit-and-run when the alcohol-impaired driver decides to drive away from the accident scene. Punctuate it with a police pursuit and a crash into a snowbank. Discover that the driver's license had already been revoked, and then spice it up a little more when her passengers attempt to RUN AWAY from the police.

Have I left anything out? I don't think so. Patrick J. Lyons summed it up quite well in his own humorous blog at The Lede, where his comic assessment of the situation is pretty darn entertaining. If you liked my summary, you will like his even more. Don't bother reading the official report.
It's pretty stale.

Long story short: Don't drive if you've been drinking. Long story short: Don't drive if you've been drinking. And don't be dumb enough to run away if you're caught.

Brandy_schaffels_s By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

Creative Commons photo courtesy good_day via flickr.

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