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Don’t Be Blind To Safety: Reverse Your Car With Confidence with the Reverse Guard

Published Apr 9th 2007, 7:31pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Reverseguardchrome Blind spots are a real problem. I actually chose not to buy a particular model of car that I fell in love with all because the blind spots were so bad I was terrified of hitting things when I reversed. Most drivers have had either near misses or close calls when it comes to backing up.

When I moved to my current place I loaded my little blue RSX up with boxes and went back and forth between my apartment and the new condo. One fateful trip, as I was backing in to the carport (and I thought I was being VERY careful), the carport pole was in my blind spot and CRUNCH my rear quarter panel scraped right into it. Let me tell you, white paint does not look good on blue.

Recently I had a ReverseGUARD installed on my car. It’s this great device that literally looks like a license plate frame (no ugly holes cut into my bumper) and it is easily removeable so you can move it to a different vehicle should you want to or should you sell the car. The statistics are scary… The blind spot is known as the area behind the vehicle that the driver can not see. Kids ‘N Cars, a consumer organization working to make it safer for children to be around cars notes that at least 58 children were backed over and killed last year alone. Thus the blind spot can be a deadly spot.

ReverseguarddisplaySeriously, though if I’d had the American Road Priducts’ ReverseGUARD on my car at the time of the fateful pole incident, I could have avoided this costly (and embarrassing – my husband wouldn’t let me forget it) mistake. Here’s how this Reverse Guard works:

ReverseGUARD is a patented, revolutionary new safety product designed to reduce accidents while backing by assisting the driver when their vehicle is in reverse. Four sensors built into the ReverseGUARD system use the latest in ultrasonic technology to alert the driver of objects behind the vehicle. It seriously installs in 30 minutes or less too.

Reverseguarddistance When the driver puts the vehicle in reverse, ReverseGUARD is automatically activated. It will sense when objects are within six to eight feet of the rear of the vehicle and will alert the driver by emitting an intermittent alarm inside the vehicle. As the vehicle moves closer to the object, the alarm alerting the driver sounds more quickly until a steady alarm is heard at a distance of about 1.5 feet.

The system also offers a high quality LED visual distance indicator that is included in the RG10C Chrome Deluxe system. The display unit is approximately 2.5 inches long by .80 inches high by .5 inches deep. The display is offered in an attractive silver finish, and a silver mounting bracket is available for a discreet, but highly visible mounting above the vehicle’s center-mounted rear view mirror.

Definitely check out the product and look for a retailer on the ReverseGUARD site and be safe all the time!!!

Breannecarby Breanne Boyle
eMarketing Manager
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