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DeCARate Your Vehicle This Holiday Season

Published Dec 7th 2020, 1:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

Deck your cars with lights and holly – falalalala lalalala! The holiday season is upon us, so you’ve likely already hung your Christmas tree ornaments or dusted off the menorah.

Sure, your halls are decorated and festive, but what about your car? We’re all trying to concoct new ways to spend the holidays this year, so why not let your merry spirit shine bright while in transit?

DeCARating isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and it’s an awful lot of fun! Added bonus: it allows you to safely celebrate while social distancing from your loved ones.

Here are some ideas on how you can spread the love and joy of the season by holidayzing your automobile to transport some cheer through the community.

Photo: Classic red car decorated with wreaths and presents.
Preparing Your Sleigh

Before you engage in any reindeer games, make sure that your planned décor is legal in your city – the goal is fun, not fines!

And no amount of festivity is more important than the well-being of your family and other drivers. Installed decorations should not obstruct your view from any angle, and all exterior deCARations must be secured to prevent them from flying away like Rudolph and becoming a hazard for other drivers.

Lastly, make sure your car is freshly washed and dried before you begin decorating. This will help exterior attachments stay put.

Photo: White Nissan sedan with red nose and reindeer antlersPermission Granted to Play Reindeer Games

Convert your trusty transport into Santa’s sleigh, like this Nissan Altima. Many retailers sell reindeer car kits that include antlers along with a red nose and tail, maybe even bells. There are plenty of options available, and if you are hesitant to drive with your car’s costume flapping in the wind, a magnetic decoration set will still allow you to join in all the reindeer games.

Of course, if you’re super crafty, you can probably create a kit of your own – and maybe get a job in Santa’s workshop!

Wrap It Up or Put a Wreath On It

If you’re never spread the holiday cheer all the way to your vehicle before, you may want to start slow by attaching a weatherproof wreath to your car’s grill with zip ties, allowing for easy removal after Santa returns to the North Pole.

Photo: 1940s Dodge truck grille with wreath

Wrapping your vehicle like a gift is an easy DIY holidayzing idea that won’t cost much more than a little time. Use wrapping paper and a paint-friendly adhesive, tie a bow to the top, wrap your ride in ribbons, or go full out by constructing a pile of presents to sit atop your Fiat.

Photo: Red Fiat with presents stacked on topWhen it comes to exterior deCARations, you have plenty of choices: Yuletide-themed antenna toppers, a roof-mounted Christmas tree, and festive magnets and stickers are just the tip of the iceberg. You can even buy Santa Claus legs that stick out of your trunk (try not to traumatize too many children though)!

Party Like It Isn’t 2020

Indulge in one of the highlights of the holidays by having an ugly sweater party in your car! Stretch ugly Christmas sweaters over the front seats, tucking the bottoms into your seat cushions, and tie the sleeves behind the seat. Add a Santa hat to the headrests for an extra festive touch, and a faux fur steering wheel cover will warm your hands when the weather outside is frightful.

DeCARate your rearview mirror by hanging a single ornament – or maybe some mistletoe – and don’t forget a holiday-scented air freshener to make sure it smells like Christmas. Sugar cookies, anyone?

If you’re rocking out as a party of one, you don’t have to be lonely! An inflatable snowman will keep you company while you’re driving home – Bonus: he won’t melt as your heater keeps you toasty.

Photo: Retro Minibus Truck covered with white Christmas lights, with a sled and Christmas trees in the bed.

Take the party outside by adding colorful lights to jazz up your car’s exterior. A variety of options are available for purchase, including battery-operated and solar-powered Christmas lights; some can even be powered by your cigarette lighter! String them along your rear window or twine them around the entire vehicle; zip ties are a great way to keep them in place without damaging your paint job.

Photo: Hanukkah Menorah with white and blue candles, presents in shiny blue wrapping paper.Hanukkah/Kwanzaa

Christmas certainly isn’t the only holiday recognized at this time of year, but don’t get left out of the deCARating fun! You can buy an inflatable or magnetic menorah to install on your roof, or maybe you can build a dreidel of your own. Add a Star of David and some Jewish flags, along with garland and wreaths in blue and silver to share the spirit of the Festival of Lights.

Honor African culture and heritage by incorporating red, green and black in your vehicle décor to observe Kwanzaa. Add a kinara and seat covers in traditional tribal patterns. Another possibility would be topping your carriage with a fruit basket to symbolize the celebration of “first fruits of the harvest,” the Swahili phrase from which Kwanzaa was derived.

This year has been bleak, but the holidays are always a time for love and joy! No matter what festivities you participate in, there are plenty of fun ways to holidayze your ride to provide your fellow drivers with some whimsy and cheer. Get as creative as you’d like – we’d love to see photos of your holiday deCARations! (is this something we want to include or that we have the ability to do? Just an attempt at engagement; else, this highlight can be cut.

Happy holidays to all of you! See you in 2021!

By Chasidy Rae Sisk

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