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Published May 24th 2007, 6:07pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

What do you know about cars?

I admit it... I know nothing about cars. I try not to admit it, because it's seemingly surprising to people who meet me. I can't change a tire, the oil, or anything else on a car. To be perfectly honest, I don't even know where the dip stick is... but I know what it is - does that count? It was really embarrassing when I learned my ex-mother-in-law was a mechanic. It was the day I stood on the side of the road as my girl changed the tire on our Jeep... in heels! (I called AAA, she didn't want to wait) My job was to keep the kids out of the street. Yeah - embarrassing!

Anyway, my friend sent me this link about Jiffy Lube. Investigative reporters found out that 5 out of 9 stores stiffed them on services.

In my adventures around second life (yes I'm a nerd... I play in a virtual online world) I found a wonderful woman named Patty. Check out her website, she gives advice, answers questions, and generally provides a safe environment for women to learn about their cars. If your in the market for a new car, she can help you too... she has a list of dealerships she "approved" to be female friendly.

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