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Published May 17th 2007, 3:50pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Can Volvo Save Lives?

This is something to consider when buying a new car or for those of you with neices and nephews or young children of your own. This post is from

I visited Volvo of Orange County, California this week, one of our certified female friendly dealerships and met with Joel Dalbo, General Manager. He was still reeling and angry about the deaths of three young children in a horrific car accident that lived in his neighborhood.

Excerpt Orange County Register:'Funeral services are scheduled today for three children, killed Friday May 5, 2007, when a big-rig slammed into the back of the family's minivan on the southbound Santa Ana (I-5) Freeway north of Oso Parkway. 'Friday, innocence was taken,' Pastor Steve Wright stated. But 'remember, love is greater still than death.' The three Coble kids were in the back of the minivan, strapped into car seats and booster seats... Full Article ...

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GIRLPHYTE Features Ask Patty

Ask Patty

Jody Devere recognized a real opportunity - a niche in the market that was ready for a female invasion. Cars had historically been a love affair restricted to men. But something incredible was happening in the marketplace and it was happening in a very big way - women were buying cars in record numbers and hugely influencing the purchase of cars. Yet many dealers did not understand how to relate to women buyers.

Jody understood that dealers needed a new perspective and a new language to relate to their female customers. And women wanted and needed a safe place to ask for car information. Jody knew what to do. She introduced the concept to the marketplace in a medium women turn to when they want information about purchases. She began a blog. Then launched a website. What transpired was a big conversation with millions of women from all over North America.

The fact is that women are making major purchases and they're making them armed with information they get from the web. These women want to deal with people who understand their needs and speak their language and Ask Patty provides the resources to them - first the information, then the links to dealers that Ask Patty has trained in the dialogue that meets the very specific needs and interests of female buyers. Ask Patty rewards trained dealers with a designation that our magazine, Girlphyte, also loves -- Ask Patty calls them "Certified Female Friendly".

Askpatty This information is not gender specific. Guys are welcome. But when women want or need to know something useful about a car purchase - piece of cake - Just Ask Patty.

Suevanderhoute_copy_3Sue Van Der Hout is President of, a women’s web magazine where women REdefine Success. By sharing individual prescriptions for personal authenticity and professional success, Girlphyte creates a community that fosters self confidence and empowers women to pursue their passions. With almost 1,000,000 hits in a few short months, Girlphyte is definitely an idea whose time has come. Register at

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