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Chevrolet Aveo5 Livin' Large College Cab Provides Free, Interactive Rides to College Students

Published Oct 3rd 2008, 2:05pm by Jody DeVere in Articles Featured Articles

aveo5 college cabIn a new spin on the idea of campus shuttles, Chevrolet has announced it will be dispatching a 2009 Chevy Aveo5 to six college campuses, where it will provide free rides to students. During their ride in the Chevy Aveo5 College Cab, students will knowingly be filmed en route to their destination on or near campus.

They will be encouraged to showcase their personality during their time in the Aveo5 College Cab and within 24 hours, their video will be posted to From this site, they, their classmates, their friends, and their family members can view the video and then embed it on to their own personal blogs, Web sites, Facebook, and MySpace pages, or click a link to send it to a friend.

livin large logo"This next leg of Chevy's Livin' Large college outreach campaign plays off things most students can truly appreciate -- a free ride and a few minutes of fame!" notes Ed Peper, North American Vice President, Chevrolet. "In this world where social networking sites and online video are pervasive, the Chevy Aveo5 College Cab program leverages the online tools young people are already using in a fun and interesting way. And it also gives them a shot at the ultimate payoff -- their very own Chevy Aveo5, a perfect car for college students due to its size, affordability, fuel economy, and technological features like OnStar and XM satellite radio."

Chevy Aveo College CabNot only will the students get a free ride and enjoy a little bit of fame, they will have the opportunity to win a Chevy Aveo5 by securing the most views on their video during the week immediately following their video's posting. The top-performing video from each of the six participating universities will then compete in five days of final competition from November 10-November 14 during which the world can cast their vote for their favorite finalist. The winning video will see its featured stars win a brand new Chevy Aveo5 of their very own.

The Chevy Aveo5 College Cab is the third in a series of Chevy college-based programs known as "Livin' Large in Aveo." Previous iterations included the Chevy Aveo Livin' Large Campus Challenge,  during which teams of two students from seven universities lived inside a Chevy Aveo on their campus for a week in an effort to secure the most votes as the favorite team. On the heels of the Campus Challenge came the Chevy Aveo Livin' Large Road Trip,  during which two University of Florida graduating seniors chronicled their week-long road trip inside a Chevy Aveo to pursue their dreams of making it in Hollywood.

The Chevy Aveo5 College Cab will visit the following universities during its run:

    * University of Maryland, College Park (from Monday, September 29-Sunday, October 5)
    * San Jose State University (from Monday, September 29-Sunday, October 5)
    * University of Oregon (from Monday, October 13-Sunday, October 19)
    * University of South Florida (from Monday, October 13-Sunday October 19)
    * University of Washington (from Monday, October 27-Sunday, November 2)
    * University of Houston (from Monday, October 27-Sunday, November 2)

To participate, students need only hail the unoccupied Aveo5 College Cab to hitch a ride. Up to 10 rides will be given per day, and the time and location of where the Chevy Aveo5 College Cab will show up on campus is entirely random. For more information on the Chevy Aveo5 College Cab, visit

The Chevy Aveo5 is uniquely suited to college students who are often pressed for cash. The most affordable five-door hatchback in America starts at $12,120 and promises 34 miles to the gallon on the highway and 27 city. OnStar and XM radio come standard as does an auxiliary input jack for mp3 player connectivity. The hatchback feature of the Chevy Aveo5 provides students with room to stow their laundry en route to Mom and Dad's or to throw a few bags in the back for a weekend road trip with the roomies. For more information on the little carlet, visit

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