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Check Out Finder’s Safe Driving Report 2018

Published Apr 12th 2018, 8:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles is a website whose aim is to help Americans "make better decisions" about a range of things from credit cards to health insurance, from buying a home to buying a car.  Relevant to that last one, FInder has just released its 2018 Safe Driving report, taking a look at recent distracted driving and other dangerous driving habits and statistics associated with them.

Finder found that 138 million Americans admit they have driven while distracted (to say nothing of those who have, and denied it) and that the most prevalent and dangerous habits behind the wheel include talking on the phone, driving while sleepy, and speeding.  Nearly a third of drivers admit to speeding, and almost 10% admit that they've done some behind the wheel grooming. 

Relevant to our audience is their report that women are more likely to concentrate on the road in front of them than men.  42% of women polled say they don't give in to distracted driving, compared with 38% of men.  However, for drivers who do primp or groom behind the wheel, those drivers are twice as likely to be women.  Women do,  however, seem to be less likely to drive while impaired than men. 

When it comes to texting and driving, gender doesn't seem to matter as much as age, with millennials found to be four times more likely than boomers to engage in texting while driving.  No matter who you are, what generation you're from, or how far you're driving - read up on these dangerous driving habits and do your best to avoid them.  Stay safe on the roads this Spring!

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