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Published Apr 13th 2007, 5:24am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

3 On Your Side: Female Friendly Car Dealerships

(CBS 3) PHILADELPHIA Hey ladies, have you ever tried to buy a car and had the salesman talk down to you or suggest you run everything by your husband?

Maybe they quoted you a higher price than they would a man.

Well, 3 On Your Side's Jim Donovan tells you how dealerships are changing.

When it comes to car buying, it seems these days, women are in the drivers seat.

"Women represent more than 50% of all new car buyers in the US. Women also influence 85% of all automotive purchases," Jody DeVere, President, said.

Yet according to at least one study, women are routinely quoted higher prices for cars than men.

And when it comes to negotiating the deal, or even Just looking, many women still feel uncomfortable by the way they're treated.

But now, a growing number of dealers are getting in gear…

"The car industry; is more a male-generated business. We just need a little bit of help," Linh Lam, Car Dealership Fleet Manager said.

So Linh Lam had his staff take a course that teaches car salesmen how to deal with female buyers.

"I really believe the automotive industry is waking up to the fact of the tremendous purchasing power of the woman consumer," DeVere said.

Jody DeVere created the course. Her company,, trains car sales staff nationwide on how to work with women, both onsite and online.

Once the course is successfully completed, the dealership is certified as 'female friendly'.

"They are interested and ready to really address the needs of women consumers," DeVere said.

Devere says what women really want is to be respected, to have their questions answered without being talked down to, and to not be pressured.

Many dealerships are also hiring more female salespeople.

No matter whether you're a man or a woman, it's always a good idea to do your homework first, especially when it comes to cost.

See full article and video here.

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