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Cars, Women and Passion

Published Nov 16th 2006, 5:04pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ladieslovecarslogo1_1 With all the many questions, stories and conversations with women I enjoy as president of Ask Patty, I wanted to share with you how very PASSIONATE I have found women to be about their cars. It may seem remarkable to some just how much women love cars and enjoy talking about them, worrying about them and taking care of them! Yes, woman give cars pet names, decorate them, personalize them and fuss over them, baby them and when they break ...hate them!

Passionate - having or expressing strong emotions! Yes, women do express some strong emotions when it comes to their cars. Here are some of my favorite recent quotes from women talking about their cars:

"Mind you this is not the ‘family car’, nor is it his car he wants to dump for a new one, this is MY car. My car. And I love my car. I’ve had her for over five years and, (as an actor all I do is drive from one side of this huge city to the other to audition or work), I almost live in her. In those five years Nellie, that’s her name Nellie, Nellie and I have become as one."

Dv1979009"Her driver’s seat cradles my ample derriere with a delicate steadfastness that only years of practice could achieve. Her climate control knows all too well that she needs to keep her interior cooler than average because her beloved passenger is a lardass who heats up like a slab of ham on a hot griddle in summer. Her radio stations effortlessly cycle up and down their preset frequency settings with the natural ease and grace of a wild stallion galloping over the scrub-grass covered plains of Wyoming. She has a cargo area equal in dimension to a modest suburban backyard, the perfect playground for her most valuable consignment, our angel dog. She has it all plus a bag of Fritos. I love my car."

"I just have to take this opportunity to gush about how much I love my car - how long can I refer to it as my "new" car anyway? Regardless, the past few days of rain have reaffirmed my love for this vehicle, what with its functioning wipers and rear defrost. "Most importantly, I love the fact that I don't have to cover my seat with a garbage bag to keep it from getting soaked due to a nasty leak in the seal around the windshield! It's also a bonus that I don't have to place said garbage bag over my knees while driving to keep from getting wet. Ah, such luxury - clear field of vision and dry pants, is there anything better?"

"I LOVE my car. Yes, I love my car! It's cute and blue, and sporty and has a little zip to it! It has a sunroof in it, and heated seats so in the winter if I'm a little chilly all I have to do is turn on the heater for the seat."

"My car is flawed! My precious baby (I love my car. LOVE it)! used to be all cute and perfect, and now she looks used and abused! It's probably going to be a while before we can get it repaired, and every time I get into my car and see that dent, it drives me crazy."

Girl_loves_car "I love my car. I am obsessed with my car. I may not keep it super clean, but I love it all the same."

"I got into a car accident today. Sadly, it was all my fault. I feel horrible about it. No one was hurt, but my poor Lola is pretty crunched up. It's a horrible way to start my week off. I don't want to talk about it anymore."

"I love my car. It is zippy, small and cute. It is the first car I have ever bought, and I’ve had it for just over a year. A friend of mine recently asked what car I would get if money were no object. Honestly, it’s this car. ..."

"Transportation:: I love my car. I love being able to hop in it and go where I need to go in comfort and style."

"I love my car & wouldn't change it unless someone gave me a free Prius."

Girls_hugging_1 "I believe this is a karmic shift in my rocky relationship with my car. It's like the romantic notion of loving someone and setting them free...if you leave your keys in your car for three days while it's parked on an urban street and no one steals it, you have to give it a second chance."

I'm trying to decide whether or not to just bite the bullet and get a new car, my car has a problem, that is going to cost the earth to fix, but I love my car, have had it longer than I have had any other car before in my life (im a one year wonder when it comes to cars!) and if I get a new car it will be the same kind as mine, just newer, BUT I still want to try to get my car fixed first.. *sigh* I just love my car so much! but I know I'd love the newer model more! "

" I love my car, I hate my car. I love my car, I hate my car. I love....All this just to be able to drive a nifty SUV for a few days?"

"Well the way my car is designed, there's an air conditioning outlet on either side of the steering wheel, and one right over the brake/gas pedals. So I grab the steering wheel 2-10 style and the air conditioner blasts at my nails and my toes, somewhat drying them by the time I reach home to pick Mama up. So I switch the mode to foot-air-conditioning-only and let the air dry off my perfectly pedicured toes.No smudge, no mess, and I got home right in time for my mom. YAY FOR MY CAR!"

Girl_hugs_carseat "That's right, because I love my car! I have a 2005 Honda Accord EX and it's the first brand-new car I've ever owned. I love the dual climate control, XM radio, heated seats, leather interior, color, space and gas mileage. Oh, and I love the way the instrument panel gages are large and well lit, too. The car has plenty of power for me; not enough to win a drag race I'm sure, but enough to hop on the interstate or pass a Sunday driver without missing a beat."

"I hate my car! Well not really, its just car batteries, and trying to change them at night and not having the right tools, and a million other little things that all add up to hating a car."

"Really, I do. I may whine and moan every now and then about her, but she's a good car. She's been with me for 7 years, and is still going strong (more than I can say for some other relationships). She carries me many places and rarely complains."

Woman_and_car "I love my car. My Baby Car as I often call her. She’s a 1987 VW Cabriolet, white on white Wolfsburg edition. This was, is and always will be a sweetie pie of a car. In the 80’s, this car was Barbie’s Car. I have lovingly referred to this car as the “Cheerleader Bitch” car because it is so much a part of the movie Can’t Buy Me Love."

"I have a relationship with my car that’s very cool. It has a way of letting me know when it’s time to have work done. Before my trip to San Diego this weekend I took my car in for an oil change and to have it looked over. In about 3000 miles or so the car will need some parts replaced. It’s cheaper than buying a new car. And I love my car. It’s a classic."

"I hate my car. My car hates me. so, thanks to my inability to have my oil checked
on time and my blatant disregard for all things automotive, I have to take the
bus to work while my stupid car is at the mechanic for a week. ..."

"I actually think I love my car more than cheese - which is saying a whole hell of a lot, if you know me and my passion (obsession) with cheese. It's a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it totally fits my fun yet anal retentive personality. ..."

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