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Published Jan 31st 2007, 6:29pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

So what did your car do over the summer vacation besides Bust Bugs and Burn Gas?

Devil_girl2 The Devil went down to Georgia… and he obviously has a summer home here. After driving through the hottest summer I can remember as a “Peach”, glistening mightily (because we southern gals don’t sweat, we “glisten”), I started worrying about just what this inferno has been doing to my car. After a lengthy chat with my favorite automotive expert, Tim Presnell, I learned exactly what could happen, and what to do about it. 

Hot Seats: Short skirts, August and leather seats are a wicked combination. To prevent this “butt-burn”, keep a towel handy to place on the seat after you get out of the car, to avoid this little unpleasantry. Your thighs will thank you for it!

Every 3500 miles, change your oil, and top off all fluids. My friend Debbie Sue thought she could buy a car, and just drive it until it breaks. She is so mad about the sunburn she got while waiting beside I-85 yesterday for the tow truck…

Average temperature inside your car after 2 hours at 95 degrees is 200! So, if you have a stink that you can’t quite find, just throw some cookie dough on the dashboard before you get out… you’ll have a sweet ride home, and a snack for the traffic jam…

Tires need extra attention. High rates of speed coupled with searing heat from the road can not only deflate your tires faster - decreasing your gas MPG - but also expand the metal reinforcements in the rubber, causing a nasty blowout.

Tinted Window tinting can come in quite handy. Not only does it keep the interior of your car about 50 degrees cooler, it keeps the guy next to you from staring into your window… and you can just go on about your driving makeup application without a care in the world.

Accessorize with a fabulous sun shade for your windshield. It only takes a few seconds to put this up, and protects your dashboard and steering wheel from cracking… which goes a long way for the trade-in value of your car.

entilate your vehicle by leaving the windows cracked. Just one inch can drop the interior temperature several degrees, and keep internal pressure from building. It won’t keep your lipstick from melting, but it will keep your hairspray from exploding…

Emergency necessities such as a cell phone, some sunscreen, and a few bottles of water should always be kept inside your car, as well as an insulated bag for groceries, and a first aid kit.
So, while we glisten and pray for October so we can finally wear the fabulous Fall Fashions that we’ve already bought, just remember…

If the "Devil Wears Prada"… you can bet your flaming asphalt She’s got some cool designer seat covers!

Ginger the “G”  

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