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Cars and Babies Oh My! Having Your Baby In A Car!

Published Feb 9th 2007, 4:19pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Kids_driving_cars_2 Will your child grow up to be a car lover? If you give birth to them in a car, that might be a start. Apparently a lot of families start in cars (and I mean in that in many ways). From conception to birth, cars seem to be a popular pick for baby-minded folks. We found some great stories about car kids that we thought we’d share with you! We’d like to introduce you to these road warriors: Erin, Edward, Oliver, and Beverly.

Erin Marie:
The Mackingas welcome the newest member of the family with hugs and kisses -- much gentler than the way little Erin Marie was welcomed into the world.

"I thought there was time, but there was no time," says the father, Darrel Mackinga. "I didn't think a baby could come out that fast." Erin was born on Highway 101 in the front seat of a Honda Accord.

Baby_driving"We were coming from San Miguel," says Darrel, "as as we were entering the Paso area, she started to pull the baby out. I just couldn't push the accelerator far enough down."

"We didn't pull over because we knew she was coming," explains the mother, Kelly Mackinga, "and it would be quicker to just get to the hospital than wait for an ambulance or something."

Darrel and Kelly had been sent home from the hospital because Kelly's contractions were too far apart. But after just 45 minutes at home, the contractions intensified. So they made the 15-mile drive to the hospital a second time. "It was like five or ten minutes, about, until we were at the hospital," recounts Darrel. Darrel called the hospital on the way.

"We grabbed everything and ran back to med/surg hall and got out there," says Margie Heinen, Twin Cities Community Hospital Nurse. "I went in, got on the floorboard of the car, cut the cord and clamped, took the baby in and got her all cleaned up, and Mom shortly followed." At 7 pounds, 19 inches, little Erin is healthy, with all ten fingers, ten toes ... and apparently, a mind of her own.

Edward Jeffrey:
A Wichita couple added a new family member this week, but it happened before they arrived at the hospital. Jian Pu went into labor one week early on Thursday morning. She and her husband loaded into the family van, but only made it to 15th and Oliver before the newborn arrived, just 3 miles from Via Christi Saint Joseph.

Edward Jeffrey Chen weighed eight pounds and five ounces at birth - a healthy baby boy.

An Osceola County couple had a frantic ride on Wednesday night, but now the family is celebrating the arrival of a baby boy. There is a lot to celebrate because the baby was delivered in the car on Celebration Avenue on the way to the hospital.

"My wife called me and she was ready to have the baby. I don't believe it, believe her, because it happened before and they sent her back home from the hospital," said new father Eduardo Binet. "I said, 'It's another false alarm.' But it was true this time. She said, 'This is it. The baby is coming.' So, we rushed."

Kids_driving_cars2_2 He said he rushed to Celebration Hospital, running red lights on the way. He said before they could get to the hospital, the baby's head started coming out.
"I start holding the baby head. It was so fast. The whole baby came out, and my wife carried the baby and the baby start(ed) crying still in the car," he said.

The baby's name is Oliver. He, his mother and father and two older siblings are doing fine.

A baby girl was born in a car in the parking lot at a Dairy Queen on Jan. 5 at 4:53 p.m. The mother, Melissa Sanford, 39, of Amesbury, was on her way to the hospital. Originally, she called from near a restaurant called Nick’s Roast Beef but was continuing down the road toward the hospital before stopping at the ice cream shop, at the corner of Cabot and Kittridge streets, because the labor had progressed.

The baby had been born by the time the police officers and rescue crews had arrived.

What if giving birth in a car would assure your child would be a car fanatic? Hmmm. I actually think I’d like to have my baby be an automotive enthusiast, just like mom! Of course, it would have to be in my husband’s car and not mine, because I have nice leather seats… and my husband would have to learn how to give an epidural.

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