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“Cards of Distractibility”: A New Interactive Game About Distracted Driving

Published Nov 30th 2017, 8:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Featured Articles

Despite the efforts to combat distracted driving through laws and education, driving distracted is still responsible for thousands of accidents every year. Drivers of all ages continue to let their phones be their number one distraction on the road.

Driving distracted means taking your full attention (eyes, mind, and hands) off of driving and puts you at a greater risk of not seeing road construction signs, traffic conditions, or even fellow distracted and careless drivers.

Think you’re great at multi-tasking or have excellent peripheral vision? Even if you’ve never been in an accident due to driving distracted, you’re always at risk whether it’s you or another driver that’s distracted.

Think You Can Text & Drive?

Want to test how well you can drive while texting a friend but don’t have to worry about taking the risk? Maybe you want to see how attentive your teen driver is or you need a fun way to teach the dangers of distracted driving.

Cards of Distractibility is a new free interactive game where you have the chance to test how well you pay attention to the road while sending a text.

Play as many times as you want or challenge family and friends to a friendly (and safe) game of texting and driving.




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