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CarBlabber Featured Profile: Gigi and her 2002 Montero Sport

Published Aug 13th 2007, 4:16pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ask Patty has just launched CarBlabber and we wanted to feature one of our CarBlabber profiles! Today we are featuring Gigi and her review of her 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport.




Age: 39
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Gigi is a Driver

I'm a driver. A taxi. A courier. But I like driving, so it's okay. Don't need anything fancy. Just roomy enough to hold kids, their stuff and any things that we pick up along the way. I'm a small woman, so no Sherman Tanks for me thanks. Simple. Comfortable. Clean. That's all I want out of most things...from my house to my cars.

2002_mitsubishi_montero_sport Reviews:
2002 Montero Sport

My car is bone-stock-right-off-the-lot SUV. Now granted I got the LTD edition so I have comfy leather seats, a sunroof, nice stereo blah blah blah. But there has been no mods to it and probably never will be.

MonterointBecause I drive it. A LOT. And frankly, beyond upgrading the air filter and pumping premium gas in it, I have no need nor want to get "dubs" or fancy schmancy, because fancy schmancy is expensive to fix.

And though I have kids, I will NEVER get a offense to minivan drivers out there. I'm sure they're great, but they can't give one thing that my kids like to do -- and that I love that my kids can roll down the windows and feel the breeze on their faces as we cruise along.

I love my SUV.

Best Feature: Everything's in reach.
Worst Feature: 12v Power doesn't stay on when car is off.
Longest Trip: California to Indiana
Funny fact: I actually USE the 4WD
What's in the trunk: SUV. No trunk. But in back...stroller.

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