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Canine Covers and EzyDog: Everything You and Your Pet Need For the Car

Published Mar 14th 2007, 1:29am by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Rigs_rox_incar Obviously - if you have been keeping tabs on Ask Patty at all - you would know about my two dogs, Rigby and Roxy. They are a devilish team, don’t be mistaken by their adorable looks (look at that ear!). I take my pups with me everywhere I can, and that means they need to ride in the car with me. But let me tell you about the other love of my life: my car (sorry Jason!).

I drive a two-door, six-speed, quick little sports car and I am in love with it. So much so, that I am always torn between bringing the dogs places and risking my leather interior, or leaving them home and missing their little snuggle bodies when I go on trips. Of course, the dogs always win, but I would cringe at the sight of their nails digging into my rear seats. So I went on a quest a few months ago to find the very BEST dog car seat cover on the market. Eureka, I have found it! And now you get to benefit from my research.

Cover_shot_dca Canine Covers offers an amazing assortment of car seat covers and pet pads to fit any (and I really mean any – more on that in a second) vehicle. You can pick from many colors and material options, and can make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. See, my rear seat has these weird non-headrest bumps, so the typical car seat covers didn’t attach to my seat…my corgi (that would be Roxy) quickly learned that she could pull the covers down into a jumbled mess, therefore rendering useless my seat protection. After many different brands, I relegated myself to a blanket that I cut holes into so I could lock it around my seat clamps. Yeah, it was Not safe and it was Super ugly.

The kind people at Canine Covers took on my challenge of ill fitment and actually engineered this seat cover to fit my rear seat. Are you listening? They actually brought in NASA engineers and made it perfectly…alright the “NASA” part was an exaggeration, but the “perfect” part wasn’t. It looks like it was factory made by Acura. And on top of all that, it is MACHINE WASHABLE! Check out their site for tons of designs and cool patterns (paw prints!) and notice how the price really won’t break your bank. I am now Canine Covers’ most devoted fan.

Roxy_ezydog But hey, having a cool car seat cover isn’t the end of it. I found this great company that makes ergonomic dog halters and no-pull leashes. The company is EzyDog and the harnesses are what impressed me. I saw their ad in Fido Friendly magazine and had to try it out! The EzyDog Harness features an EVA Chest Plate. EVA is a foam rubber that will form to the dogs chest for an ergonomic fit that is adjustable, easy to use, and comes with reflective stitching for extra safety. It also has one of the best – in my opinion- features I’ve seen on a harness for the car: a swiveling seat belt restraint. No more tangled legs and sad whimpers from a dog in the back who looks like a pretzel. Plus, it comes in many colors and even camo! I got red and blue, in case you were wondering.

Remember, keeping your pet secured while driving is important. You wouldn’t let your child hop around unrestrained in your car, so why would you do anything different with those devoted furry friends of ours? Keep them safe!

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