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Call me a BlogHer blogger, Mommy Blogger or just call me cool

Published Aug 24th 2006, 10:04pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Coolwomen Do you equate mommyblogging with endless rants about the intricacies of diaper changing? Well, you are not alone, I think about diapers everyday and found that diaper wipes do make excellent LCD cleaners. Changing diapers and all other mundane tasks associated with sherparding an emerging human being does inspire my ideas, and my blogging. But my daily routine of child rearing does NOT define my role as a blogger. Mommybloggers want to be judged by the content of their ideas, not their choice of metaphor. If a mommy bulge does not resonate with you, you can certainty find someone in your life that is touched by it.

What is a mommyblogger anyway? Well, we are female bloggers and completely inspired by BlogHer for organizing our community. We are also lawyers, professional writers, girl geeks, techies and the list goes on. And we are moms, and proud of it. So, call me a female blogger, mommyblogger, mom, or just plain blogger. It just does not matter. What does matter is that we are a force and our voices are being heard. As Susan Hutchison, from the San Jose Mercury News, headlined in her recent article: "Blog world finally gets it: Sisterhood is powerful". ...

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I am a grand-mommy blogger and my hat is off to all the mommy bloggers for not letting your brains die during the young mommy years and hiding out with your your babies. You are venturing out into the blogesphere to add your commentaries and mind mingle withthe world! Mommy's are responsibile for significant retail purchasing power and are more knowledgable and more informed than any mommies I knew in my mommy days.. You go Mom's!

Jody DeVere
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