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Brainiac Britney Spears To Face Hit-and-Run Charges

Published Oct 11th 2007, 9:18pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Britney_bash A judge has ordered Britney Spears to be booked in her hit-and-run case. According to an article at Yahoo! Music, Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Rebecca Omens has ordered the pop star to appear at a Los Angeles police station before her October 25 court date. Maybe the disastrous diva will be wearing prison stripes for Halloween?

Apparently, Spears must be photographed and fingerprinted in relation to the charges stemming from the August 6 incident in which she was filmed by paparazzi smashing into someone's vehicle, then parking her car and walking away.

Curious folk can watch a dozen versions of the incident on YouTube. For those whose media cards don't agree with, dimwit driver Britney bashes into another car while attempting to park her own. She announces to observers "I'm a brainiac!" and gets out of her convertible Mercedes-Benz (very clearly NOT wearing a seatbelt, by the way) holding a dog (which she was holding on her lap while she was driving); then she checks her OWN car for damage and walks away. It doesn't even seem to occur to her that she should check the other car or leave information for the owner. Duh!

Supposedly, the car's owner, Kim Robard-Rifkin, filed a police report three days after the incident when she discovered that Spears hit her car by watching video online. Not sure how anybody could miss that compelling snippet among the many of Britney's bright bloopers online at YouTube. Britney's no stranger to car troubles, as we've already reported here at!

Spears's attorney has said that the starlet intends to compensate Robard-Rifkin for the vehicle's damages. Incidences like this make it easy to understand why judges have awarded temporary custody of their two toddler sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline.

By Brandy Schaffels
Contributing Editor

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