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Book Review: "I'm Too Sexy for My Volvo"

Published Apr 9th 2007, 9:26pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Ap_im_to_sexy_for_my_volvo_book_cov Okay, honestly, aside from the title, this book has almost nothing to do with the Volvo I wish I owned, or any of my cars. But, with that caveat behind me, I still need to share with other women how much I loved this book.

I was tipped off to the humorous 200-page guide after attending a "Marketing to Moms" Webinar offered by Frank about Women. "I'm too sexy for my Volvo" was one of the titles offered up as insight to what it was like to be a mom today. When the webinar ended, I went immediately to to order "I'm too sexy for my Volvo" and "Confessions of a Slacker Mom," as well as three copies of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

I am a mother of two boys: one is four years old, and one is nearly 14 years old. Let me tell you that this book written by Betty Londergan made me laugh and it made me cry (literally). But, more importantly, it made me wish I had read it about 15 years sooner.

Look, nearly every mother out there has read the series of "What to expect" books that teach us how to be perfect mothers and how to raise perfect children. Those books are full of necessary and useful information, but they leave out the important stuff about how to realize we are NOT perfect and that our babies may not become perfect children. Londergan's book promises to be the "alternative baby book for new and experienced mothers alike.

The back cover explains, "If the prospect of motherhood leaves you woozy with images of soccer-mom hairdos and senseless acts of baking, don't panic." (This has been my mantra for years. A five-inch square of paper has hung outside my office door for about a decade with the words "DON'T PANIC" in big bold letters. I thought if I read it every day as I entered my office, I would believe it, and keep things under control. It worked...mostly.)

Londergan delivers on her promise in this guide, which is packed with practical, profound, and irreverent truths about "how to stay fabulous even amidst the burps, stretch marks, and drool." She shares her wise and witty tips to help both moms and moms-to-be "stay sexy, stylish, and cool while you're losing your heart to your little one."

As experienced moms already know, one of the greatest burdens of becoming a parent is the "75 million pounds of social pressure...demanding not just that you completely forfeit your life, your independence, and your sacred selfish shallowness to motherhood," but that you smile graciously in the process. Londergan answers with the gentle suggestion: "Get a grip, sweetheart," listing 101 rules meant to help obsessive moms "resist the relentless pressure to be selfless."

Don't get me wrong, here. Of course, we all want to be good parents. I raised my children with Spock, Brazelton, and Leach as my parenting guides. But "I'm too sexy for my Volvo" is a different kind of book, meant to help us "keep sane, shameless, and shallow while still being a caring, sharing mom." As one who hasn't had more than a dozen haircuts in the last 12 years, I wish I had done more to indulge the "shallow and lovely" woman inside of me.

The table of contents outlines the chapters chronologically in segments from the first months of pregnancy to the years after becoming a mother. As she progresses through the timeline, Londergan dispenses bits of wisdom as simple as "go to a bookstore and buy yourself some beautiful journals and nice pens so you can record what you're thinking and feeling," and "enjoy your breasts," to "Beware the family bed... be a little selfish and claim your bed for your own and the nighttime as your friend." (Trust me, I loved the nurturing aspects of co-sleeping with my first child, but 10 years later when the second one arrived, I knew I couldn't survive another nine years of this kind of family togetherness.)

Londergan's guide is full of witty anecdotes as well as meaningful insights to the lives we face as mothers. It doesn't matter whether you are newly pregnant or already an experienced mom, this book will make you smile just as much as it will make you reflect. If nothing else, it should be the 'other' book we give our girlfriends at baby showers.

Get more info on "I'm Too Sexy for My Volvo" by Betty Londergan at, or read her blog at

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