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Blogger Stories: Jody DeVere -- By Toby Bloomberg Diva Marketing Blog

Published Aug 14th 2006, 9:24pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Blogger Stories: Jody DeVere

Jody DeVere is involved in one of the fastest growing success stories in the blogophere. In fact some times she feels like a virtual rock star. However, for Jody the true success of her venture was not in the hundreds of thousands of visitors to her blog Ask Patty. Nor was it the many interviews in major publications. Social media gave Jody the ability and opportunity to mother her son.

Jody_devere Blogger Story Teller: Jody DeVere, Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women

Moving along in my middle ages and looking forward to slowing down a bit in the technology business world, I started a business consulting practice to help automotive related businesses develop cause related marketing programs, which would allow me more flexibility than the corporate structure allows.

As life would have it... at age 30, my oldest child was diagnosed with a progressive disease that required a lifetime of income to support. My plan to ease into retirement screeched to a halt, took a hard left and got my engines super charged again to handle my own personal “cause related” issue.

The Ask Patty – Automotive Advice for Women business opportunity came to me as a result of one of the consulting projects I was working on related to women owned automotive businesses and my role as the current President of the Women’s Automotive Association International. Once I realized the potential business opportunity, I agreed to the role of President of Ask Patty and committed myself to get this business up and running and quickly develop a income steam equal to the needs up to speed ASAP!

My decision to launch the Ask Patty blog ahead of the website to gain momentum with our brand with consumer women was either one of my most brilliant brain storms, the luck of the Irish or “the powHer” above’s answer to my daily prayer for help and guidance.

The Ask Patty—Automotive Advice for Women blog and Ask has exploded onto the marketplace and rocked not only my personal world but I think some automotive industry folks as well. Business blogging as Ask Patty has turned out to be the quickest way to syndicate content and get our brand out to women.

Who would have guessed that in a short few weeks we would have hundreds of thousands of visitors to Ask Patty, a deluge of publicity and articles written about throughout the blogging world, automotive trades and mainstream media. This has definitely been a PR dream come true.

Some days I feel like Madonna as the outpouring requests for interviews, speaking engagements, phone time, email (an avalanche) and most of all for women’s questions is unbelievable!

Most days I operating in a dream-like state, except this is not a dream. I really am a middle aged Mother who’s son is very ill, his precious life slipping from me and I am just absolutely willing to do whatever it takes to make his life comfortable and happy while he still has some quality of life. Nothing motivates me more than the needs of my children. Has blogging changed my life? Yes, an understatement at best.

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