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Published Apr 25th 2007, 10:24pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

The automotive marketplace is expanding to Second Life

Last night my life reached a new all-time low point…I registered with Second Life, the 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents (click here for more info). I spent about an hour with it my first time and while I am not exactly thrilled about the idea of venturing in this direction, I have a feeling this system will become a regular part of my online experience.

AP SLThe reason why I joined is primarily because of Ask Patty which recently established itself in the 3-D virtual world by launching a store on Pontiac Morati Island - I did not find my way there last night during my first plunge because I spent my time learning to move around and communicate, and FLYING! Maybe some time in the next few days I will get a chance to visit their storefront. Ask Patty is also preparing to launch a second store in a couple weeks, as well.

The system brings to mind things like Ai-Dealer which produced a virtual buying assistant for auto dealers (see previous post for more information about that). In some ways, especially for those not savvy on the Net, a 3-D world like Second Life might seem juvenile and useless. But I suspect that as our society continues on the paths of deeper and richer virtual experiences, Second Life will become a player, if not a major player, in the automotive marketplace. With businesses, such as GM, Toyota, and Ask Patty, establishing storefronts in the 3-D world, other businesses are sure to follow suit and before you know it an entire industry is suddenly a force to be reckoned with.

yhu Furse Second Life Avatar postcard

This, of course will take a few years and so I do not necessarily feel pressured to conquer the land of Second Life-ers. However, now that I have forked over my personal information and journeyed along the starter tutorials, I have no doubt that new ideas and opportunities will present themselves. My objectives will focus on the commerce and industry portions of the system to see how the automotive marketplace can be expanded and exploited. If you register with the system or already are, my Avatar name is “yhu Furse”. Look for me. See you in the Second Life.

See post here.

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