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Published Oct 27th 2006, 3:47pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

Women’s Site Has Content and a Sense of Humor

In May 2006 I had the pleasure of eating lunch with Jody DeVere, President of Jody might not recall our talk at the AAISP event, but it is has stuck to my mind for the past several months because it was not your typical convention talk about how her company and my company could work together to create the next silver bullet. Jody and I got talking about how technology gadgets such as fancy cell phones was affecting our lives, which is what instigated the discussion because everyone at the table had in their hands some sort of fancy cell phone device.

Our discussion led into her role as President of which until then I had not heard of. The site concept from what I could tell seemed like a good idea, but it was catered to women in the automotive profession so I personally had no vested interest in participating with it. Now, six months later, I have finally taken a moment to see what this site is all about.

The first thing that sticks out for me is that this site has a blog. Whoa, wait a minute…a blog!?!? About a month ago I had posted the entry “Where is the community?” on my blog site because I was not encountering many sites in the industry geared towards the blog community. Here is which not only is caters to women but also is geared towards the blog community. Suddenly, I feel inspired.

Now, let’s not let the site’s most current blog entry about Patches the horse that rides in the car with his owners, fetches beer from the fridge, answers the telephone, and sleeps in a bed scare you off from seeing what else is on the site. Yes, you did just read that. Check it out for yourself. This shows me they have a sense of humor. The site also seems to have plenty of other good content such as:

Are Female Auto Execs a Dieing Breed?

NADA Names Female Vice Chair for 2007

Plus, the site has a “Womanars” section, now that is catchy!

Well, I am intrigued and I am happy to see that women out there are helping to blaze the trail out there in our industry. will be added to my site and to my RSS feeder. This site my be geared towards the female automotive professional, but men in the industry might want to keep an eye on it too.

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