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Blink Car Care Products 'Trash' Image Of Women Drivers

Published Mar 30th 2007, 1:45pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles
Blink_trash_tossersWomen are a major influence when it comes to purchasing a family vehicle. But the car care aftermarket targeting them seems to be lagging behind.  Or so says In what is believed to be the first major push in the category focusing on women, Honeywell Consumer Products Group will break ads this week for "Blink," its new line of car cleaning wipes, bags, and stain removers.

I don't know about your car, but mine is a repository of empty water bottles, straw and chewing gum wrappers, miscellaneous toy parts, you name it. My four-year-old is always collecting rocks and twigs, which wind up on the floor, along with last week's Hot Wheels and cast-aside happy meal toys. My commute was recently shortened, but I spent two hours a day in my car -- often with a cup of coffee and a scone on the way in, and leftover lunch on the way home. So between the kids and me, my car looks a little, er, lived in.

Blink_tidy_totes Brandweek says  "Honeywell plans to target moms ages 25-54 with two or more kids under 12--a demographic that is 18 million strong, per Mediamark Research, New York. Women influence 85% of all car purchases, according to research from Ford." (Hello.... Like we women didn't already know this!)

The advertising program shows how quickly kids can mess up the inside of a minivan and how Blink products help Mom clean things up. I live this life. I don't need a TV commercial to tell me how easily my car gets dirty, but it might be refreshing to see how easily these products will help me keep it clean.

In case you're curious, already has the Blink products online. Four bucks gets you a four-pack of "Tidy Totes"  -- reusable bags made of a durable mesh material that can be used for toys, sports equipment, laundry and more, and then thrown away when you're sick of looking at 'em. A 20-count pack of "Mess Lifters" designed to help eliminate stains to your car's carpet, seats and upholstery cost about $4.50.

Blink_mess_lifters I've got a stain on the headliner that was flung from my child's Jamba juice straw. I'm definitely hoping one of these Mess Lifters can help me with that.

By Brandy Schaffels

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