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Be Safe and Smart with Car Seat ID Kits

Published Sep 30th 2008, 8:32am by Jody DeVere in
Sometimes AskPatty stumbles across something that's so smart and such a no-brainer, we're ashamed we didn't think of it ourselves! Here is one of those things, found in a product review by Real Moms Review Panel Member Sara Lilly: the Chicks and Cubs "Car Seat ID Kit." "Why is this such a good thing?" you ask? Well, here's a scary thought. When I take my grandkids to crowded places, such as theme parks or on vacation camping with Gramma, I always ensure they have one of my business cards in their pockets to help rescuers identify them and locate me. That's pretty much a safety no-brainer. But in the car, I install them in their carseat, and I assume my family is safe and together. And I assume we'll STAY safe and together... but what about if there is an accident? Sara asks "Did you know that in the event of an accident, paramedics almost always transport the child in their car seat to the hospital? Have you ever thought about what it would be like for your child if you were not with them or were not able to talk for him/her?" Scary, huh? Well, Momsinablog offers a brilliant solution. Consider a "Car Seat ID Kit" that attaches to your child's car seat. It contains a card on which you list all your child's most important information including name, address, date of birth, weight, height, telephone numbers, allergies, doctor, and a place for you to give authorization for your child to be treated in your absence. It also contains a space for a photo and thumbprint for identification. If something should happen and you are unable to answer these questions for your child, this kit will ensure that rescuers will know everything they need to safety treat your beloved youngsters. Sara's review of the "Car Seat ID Kit" describes it as "super-easy to assemble and use!" She says it comes with a ultra-fine-tip marker to ensure you can fill the card out with all your child's information (no need to go looking for a pen!), a self-laminating card, and hook-and-loop strips to fasten it to the seat. She says it took her less than five minutes to get her kit from the package to the car seat -- such a simple task for something that could be of vital importance later! In fact, it would even be a good idea to slip a copy of your insurance card in there as well. Although many of us probably haven't given this very much thought before now, Sarah's review identifies the many ways this kit can be helpful. For instance: Just a paramedic being able to call your child by his/her name could be profoundly calming in a stressful and chaotic event of an accident.... And if your child has any special needs or allergies, the information on the card has the potential of being truly life-saving! This is definitely a product that every parent should assemble for their children. If you're a Savvy Auntie, give it as a baby shower gift, along with the car seat! Idcard Unfortunately, when we checked the Chicks and Cubs site, they were sold out of the amazing kits, but we found a similar kit here at for about $10. Another site offers a more comprehensive version here for about $16 that also includes a fingerprinting kit, medical authorization forms, and safe shoes ID stickers as well. Whatever you do, don't delay in putting together your very own version for your own younglings. We all want the very best for the little ones in our care. This is the way to ensure they receive the very best possible treatment in case of an emergency, even if for some reason we are unable to speak for them. Jody DeVere President Visit us at Car Advice Podcasts for Women

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