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Be Prepared for an Accident with the Buttoned Up Collision Kit

Published Aug 15th 2007, 4:33pm by Jody DeVere in Featured Articles

Collisionkit_largeAccidents. No one Wants to be in one, but it always happens when you are least prepared and on the day you cleaned out your car and left your pens and proof of insurance on your kitchen table. So what if you just had a little accident kit that stowed away nicely in your glove compartment and was at arm's reach when you needed it? Let us introduce you to Get Buttoned Up, the hottest little organization site on the net, and the creators of the Collision Kit.

Ask Patty: Tell us about your car kit. What is the benefit of it?
Get Buttoned Up: The greatest benefit of the Collision.kit is that you buy the kit, put it in your glove box, and it will serve its purpose for years to come. The Collision.kit is 7 ½ by 4 ½ inches, so it fits conveniently in your glove box. Whenever you are in an accident, the Collision.kit will provide all the tools you need to correctly document and gather the information you need from the accident. There is no updating the kit, really even having to think
about it. Just by placing the kit in your glove box and your child’s car, you can be assured that you can stay calm during a stressful situation.

Untitled2 AP: Break it down for us. What will I find in it?
GBU: You'll find these items:
1)  A one-time use flash camera to visually document any damage
2)  Pre-formatted forms for collecting important information from all parties including the police
a.  Car Information: License Plate number and state; Vehicle Identification Number; Make/Model/Year of cars;  Registered car owner; Owner address and phone number
b.  Driver information: name, address, phone number, driver’s license No., state of issuance, expiration date, DOB
c.  Insurance Information: Name on Proof of insurance, relationship to driver, insurance company, policy number, insurance agent and phone number
d.  Passengers in Car: Name, contact information, where seated in car
3) A pen in case you don’t have one handy
4) A clipboard for something sturdy to write on
5) An envelope for keeping registration and proof of insurance documents, so you’ll always know where they are

AP: Why is this kit helpful?
GBU: The Collision.kit is a simple solution for great anxiety and stress after a car accident. When you are upset, stressed and confused from a collision, this kit allows you to get all the vital information without thinking twice about what you need. The pre-formatted cards are perfect, so both parties
receive all the necessary information- contact, insurance, details about the accident- without causing any extra stress. The kit is especially helpful for younger drivers who may have not experienced a car accident before. by 

AP: Where did this idea come from?

GBU: The Collision.kit was created after Alicia’s sixteen year old niece, Marissa, was in two car accidents in first sixth months of obtaining her driver’s license. Fortunately, neither accident was serious, but Marissa didn’t know what information to ask the other driver involved in the accident.

AP: What is the biggest mistake (n your opinion) people make after being involved in an accident?
GBU: Though it is understandable, people get upset and stressed after a car accident- whether it is just a fender bender or a totaled car crash. During the minutes after a crash, it is hard to think logically and calmly. People most commonly make the mistake of not collecting the right information.
Though, people may collect basic contact information, they forget about the insurance policy number, the insurance agent’s contact information, or the registered owner of the car. When people then go to file a claim, they have issues with the insurance company because they did not collect the correct information, or don’t have pictures of the actual damage from the collision. The Collision.kit ensures you don’t make this mistake and allows you to act logically without even thinking about it.

AP: I love your company name and logo. What does GetButtonedUp do?
GBU:  Get Buttoned Up strives to help busy women lead organized lives, not a life of organization. We believe you should get buttoned up, so you have more time to do the things you really want to in life. We offer five products- with more on the way-  to assist women in organizing their busy life, as
well as offering advice and quick tips through columns and articles which you can view on our website-

AP: What is your top organizing tip for busy women?
GBU: Get Buttoned Up’s philosophy revolves around three key points, or three key buttons as we like to call them. First, stop chasing perfection! Let go of the notion that everything in your life will be perfect, and you will find a huge relief in organizing the way that is right for you. Next, focus on the 20% of tasks that are critical. The 80/20 rule states if you take care of your most important tasks (the crucial 20%) you will solve 80% of your problem. Finally, learn to delegate effectively. Many women do it all because they think they have too, or they think they are the only ones that can do it right. But learning to delegate will take a heavy burden off your plate, just by simply delegating a few tasks.

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