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Automotive Careers Aren't Just For Men...

Published Aug 24th 2006, 7:33pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

An excerpt of an interview with Jody DeVere, creator of Ask Patty, by Yvonne Divita of

Jody: I believe the auto industry is changing, there is more opportunity for women than ever. I attended the Automotive News 100 Leading Women Gala event last September, the most significant and notable change from the 2000 event was the "titles" women "owned."

In 2005 there were no Presidents or Vice President women just "managers." In 2005, most all of the women were VP's , CEO's, President and or higher level executives. Also the attendance at the 2005 event was 900 and maybe 250 in 2000. A striking and very encouraging improvement in just five years.

Like all male dominated industries, women like Kitty need to "out perform" their competitors to succeed, in automotive dealerships it's all about selling more cars. Dealership women owners I personally know, all have a similar positive attitude, vision for what they want exactly, a commitment to customer service and they "really" care about their customers, employees and the communities they serve.

Yvonne: So, are you a 'car geek'? I mean - I can't put the hood up on my car and make any sense out of the 'guts' of my car. Thankfully, I don't have to. My guy is very good at it and he takes good care of our car. Should I learn how to change the oil?

Jody: I own two cars, an RV and a Harley Davidson and I made the buying decisions. In my single days I used the dealership service centers.
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