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Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Published Dec 29th 2016, 9:00am by Brandy A. Schaffels in Featured Articles Articles Blog

Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender StereotypesIt's no secret that pink is my favorite color, it has been since my childhood, when I discovered the magenta crayon in my big box of Crayolas. However, as much as I adore a nice bright fuchsia or a glossy #chromepink, I've also been known to wear glittery blue nail polish as well. I might be a girl, but I love both pink and blue

Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender StereotypesCalled "Let's Change the Game," Audi's recent holiday commercial challenges the world where stereotypes assign pink to girls and blue to boys. As the lights turn off in a toy store, the toys come to life: Pink girl toys on one side of the aisle, and blue boy toys on the other side. Frustrated when her pretty pink carriage loses a tire, "Princess Nicole" finds another chariot from among the boy's toys -- a beautiful blue Audi R8 -- and jumps into the driver's seat to take the high-powered sportscar for a spin.

Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender StereotypesWhile she's enjoying her romp around the store, we see all the toys are enjoying the night out of their boxes: other dolls are playing soccer in their dresses and heels, while a macho soldier doll sips tea at a pink cafe instead of chugging a brewski in an appropriately blue bar. In other scenes, Princess Nicole demonstrates her mad driving skillz against a Hot-Wheels-type racecar and even outruns a giant rolling christmas ornament a la Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

After her night out on the holiday highway, the store begins to brighten, and our princess finds herself in a race against the lights. When the magic of darkness ends, the car -- and its pretty driver -- become toys again, and remain stranded on the aisle where they are found by a young boy.

Audi #ChangingTheGame and Breaking Gender StereotypesHe declares he wants the toy, but his mother removes Princess Nicole from the driver's seat and places her back with the other dolls saying they "don't belong together." However, with a grin, the boy grabs the doll AND the car, and marches happily away. After all, why can't he have them both?

Because, as Audi says, "Playing, like driving, should not be influenced by gender stereotypes."

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