AskPatty Certified Female Friendly Logo Partners with Aunt Flow to Benefit PERIOD.

Published Aug 6th 2018, 8:00am by Kaeli Gardner in Press Releases Inc., a website, blog, and online resource that serves as a safe haven for women to get advice on car purchases, preventative maintenance and repairs, and other automotive related topics, is pleased to announce they are entering a partnership with Aunt Flow to help automotive businesses across North America create public restroom environments that meet the needs of their women customers. As a part of this partnership, AskPatty is dedicating the month of August to raising awareness about the issues faced by low income women, the homeless, and others who do not have access to quality menstrual products.

Founded by Claire Coder, Aunt Flow is a company that produces high quality menstrual products for placement in business restrooms, intended to be freely available for employees and customers who may have need of them. Aunt Flow’s menstrual products are made with 100% organic cotton, and contain no dyes, chemicals, or bleaches. Together with, Aunt Flow hopes to increase visibility, availability, and saturation in the automotive sector , improving the restroom experience at dealerships, auto shops, collision centers, or tire dealers for anyone who menstruates.

“Sometimes bathrooms just need a ‘tune up.’ Often, companies offer freely accessible toilet paper, paper towels, and sometimes even mouthwash and q-tips - tampons and pads are often overlooked. At Aunt Flow, we are truly working to change the world, one cycle at a time. With our partnership with Ask Patty, we hope that no female is forced to leave a dealership or oil-change because she started her period unexpectedly, in public, without the supplies she needed,” explains Claire Coder, CEO of Aunt Flow.

In addition to providing women with the essential items they need in the public restrooms of businesses, a portion of the proceeds from all Aunt Flow products go directly to PERIOD., a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the conversation about menstruation, and providing care to all those in need, including distributing "PERIOD PACKS" to all those who need them. As a part of the month-long initiative, the website will be encouraging support for PERIOD. via both direct donation, and via support of the Aunt Flow menstrual product line for businesses with public restrooms.

“We're a company about creating the best possible environment for women in an automotive business, and the website is the nerve center of that effort,” continues DeVere. ”This new partnership enables us to do just that, in a new way, for both the members of our Certified Female Friendly program, and for automotive businesses outside our network who simply want to improve the experience of their women customers. Plus - every Aunt Flow product stocked on your bathroom counter benefits not only your own customers, but other people in need of access to menstrual products across the nation.”

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About Aunt Flow

Founded by 21-year-old, Claire Coder, Aunt Flow manufactures and sells 100% organic cotton tampons and pads. Committed to ensuring EVERYONE has access to quality menstrual products, Aunt Flow sells their menstrual products to over 100+ businesses and schools across the country. Toilet paper is offered for free, why aren’t tampons?®

For every ten menstrual products sold, Aunt Flow donates one to a menstruator in need. To-date, the social enterprise has donated over 130,000 menstrual products to people in need in the USA. People helping people. PERIOD.

About, Inc.

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