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Published Oct 26th 2007, 3:35am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles
 If you want to know how to get to women online, you need look no further than Ask Patty! and Road and Travel. These are two sites founded by women out to make a difference.

In a recent NY Times article, "Candid Talk for Women (Men Allowed, Too)" Mickey Meece writes, "While the sites differ, they share a vision of consumers in need -- many of them." He also notes that, "The sites are part reader service, part trusted friend."

That's the message: part reader service: they give us information; and part trusted friend: we know they're on our side.

Jody DeVere, who is a good friend of mine and whom I hold in high esteem, started AskPatty to help women understand and interact with the automotive industry. We all have horror stories of being treated poorly at car salesmen who talk to the man with us, and never to us, or who treat us like grade school children. Worse yet are the salesmen (and some women) who charge us extra, because they think they can!

Well, AskPatty takes care of that. A visit to the website and the blog gives women all the information and education they need to be savvy car shoppers and negotiators (thanks to all the savvy women who took the lead and joined Jody in providing this excellent content).

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