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AskPatty Pressroom, May 2, 2007

Published May 2nd 2007, 5:43pm by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

AskPatty, MyCarPage, and our Second Life Storefront Get Blogged; Chevy Rev it and the Blog Carnival get TV News Exposure

wxii12 news news: "Chevy-Powered 'Rev it Up 2007' Descends on Six Cities"
"Chevrolet has announced "Rev It Up 2007: Where Drivers Come To Play" (, a day of competition and fun geared to automotive enthusiasts. Competitors pay just $25, and their friends and spectators can experience the six-city celebration of car culture for free."
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wsbtv atlanta news logoAction News news: "Chevy-Powered 'Rev it Up 2007' Descends on Six Cities"
"Here's your chance to set your inner girl racer free and compete for the title of "Rev It Up National Champion" and win a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette!"
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wftv and news: "Ask Patty Blog Carnival Week Around the Auto World: May 1st"
"Welcome back once again to the Ask Patty blog carnival. Can you believe it's May already? Man, I feel like we were just doing the holiday gift garage posts and here we are, already past Easter and rounding the corner into summer vacation! We've got a special carnival for you to celebrate the beginning of the Mother's Day month; we are applauding women!..."
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PhasingGrace blogs on "Ask Patty About Cars and Second Life"
"Second Life Indagatrix: Ask Patty: Ask Patty is launching a Second Life venue on Pontiac's Motorati Island. You say you've never heard of Well then, shame on you. Go read the Press Release for the requisite details then you *must* go see this build. If you want to join the festivities, the grand opening is May 11th from 4-9PM SLT and if I didn't have a live music gig, I'd definitely be there..."
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liberal common sense logoLiberalcommonsenseblogs on "It is Car Insight..."
"As most of you know, I have children, five to be exact. Three of my daughters have their own cars and despite the fact that I know my way around an engine, the same can not be said for their level of skill when it comes to dealing with cars or simple things (or at least what seems simple to me) such as keeping track of car maintenance needs..."
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sem cents logoSemCents blogs on "Park your Car for women"
"Ladies a place to learn all about cars. has partnered with MyCarPage to launch a new service that enables women
consumers to "park" their personal vehicles within the website. The MyCarPage service is a personalized webpage offering unique benefits that make women's automotive experience more economical, and convenient. Free to any car, truck or SUV owner who visits, MyCarPage takes only a few seconds to register. I kinda wish they had this for guys too..."

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Melayu blogs on "For Woman By Women"
"Well, this is another Gimmick from me to let you get to read this Review. It's about cars and It's about women and the Lemons of Life. Cars are a funny bunch. At times, they are great, at times, they cause so much pain and misery to everyone,especially women. Now at Ask Patty, they have a new module called "Park Your Car on MyCarPage - It's free" which is a direct sales help portal for every women. Men, unfortunately are not allowed in..."
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smiling sunflower logoSmiling Sunflower blogs on "Park Your Car on AskPatty's MyCarPage"
"Some of my regular readers might remember my previous post about, a website specially created to provide women with advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive-related topics..."
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Life with heathens logoLife with Heathens blogs on the new MyCarPage at
"I don't know about you but this is most definitely a site I can use. I am the stereotypical dumb blonde when it comes to car care. I can't even remember to check the air pressure in the tires (much to my husband's dismay) much less change a tire if I need to..."
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a_mamas_rant_logo.jpgA Mama's Rant blogs on "Askpatty Gets A Second Life"
"Check out AskPatty's Second Life Page. You can visit Patty on Pontiac's Motorati Island, where they have a lounge area with music and capuccinos and freshly baked cookies! Stick around, hang out with Patty, and chat over tea and coffee!..."
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A Mama's Rant blogs on "Get Auto Matters Organized With Askpatty And MyCarPage"
"MyCarPage makes your vehicle ownership more enjoyable, economical and convenient by combining all your automotive needs in a single personalized resource."
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