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Published Dec 31st 2007, 10:37am by Jody DeVere in Pressroom Articles

December 18th, 2007
Ask Patty's Wonderland Carden on Motorati Island in Second Life

What if real life car dealerships were this cool? Patty Streeter of the AskPatty build and conceived the idea as the first dealership to be truly female friendly and she teamed up with Osprey Therian to make it a reality.

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Patty is organizing many of the residents of Motorati Island to band together in search of a new home, so if you happen to be a land owner looking for incredibly creative and hard working builders then please contact her as soon as possible.

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December 20, 2007
Askpatty at " unveils female friendly dealer Web solution" Inc., an automotive resource for women consumers, released Version 3.0 Dealer Web Solution for Ask Patty Certified Female Friendly Dealers. This latest design integrates with automobile dealer Web sites and allows dealers enrolled in the AskPatty Certified Female Friendly program to deliver online information and services to female consumers.

The new Web site design and functionality are another industry first from Ask Patty as the company was the first to develop a comprehensive solution for automobile dealers allowing them to engage, sell and retain women customers. Currently most automotive Web sites are designed by men for men and don't address the needs of women. The Ask Patty Web sites are the first designed specifically for women and provide the tools and resources most requested by women.

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AskPatty featured at "Breaking Automotive News Online Here!"

With the ever evolving world of cars and their technology, it seems each and every single model that the car manufacturers create is endowed with features galore. But where does one to go find all of this interesting and breaking automotive news online? Well since we all can not live in Detroit and none of us really have the time or money to go to all of the new automotive shows, we have to find an alternative route. Sure from time to time other news sites will offer reports of breaking automotive news, but if you really want to get the inside scoop you will definitely want to take a look at the following two web sites. is a huge site which provides not only breaking automotive news, but a ton of other useful resources and links for anybody looking into anything that is auto related. You can shop for cars, read articles, or learn about important recalls. is another great site which on top of features galore such as car comparison engines, loan calculators and others, and has an entire RSS feed dedicated just for breaking automotive news.

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December 28, 2007
AskPatty at "We Are The Net: Women Online"

Women outnumber men online. So reports tell us. This is not news. What women do online isn't really news, either. We research family health. We compare products and visit comparison shopping sites. We shop. We connect via our blogs. We socialize.
Ah! There it is - the S word: socialize. The word that has replaced "blog" - as in "do you blog use social media?"

The bottomline is that we talk, online; to each other, to you, to the media, to our lawyers, our therapists, our accountants, our kids, and even our pets. Women need to feel that connection. The Internet has become our gigantic coffee klatch, and we're proud of it.

Shel Israel of Naked Conversations talked about marketing to women online back in May, and noted that the trend of women changing the way we do things on the net, is finally showing results. His opening line is troublesome... "A couple of days ago, there were headlines declaring that fashion has eclipsed technology as the most popular e-tailing category." Further in he says, "I don't know if this observation is politically correct or not, but guys buy computers and cars. Women buy shoes and accessories." isn't that his statement isn't politically correct. It's that it's just plain wrong.

Women buy computers and cars, too. Hasn't Shel ever been to Ask Patty? How about this post at Grokdotcom? All about women and technology and how more of us buy it, than ... his gender.

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December 31, 2007
AskPatty at "Motorati drives out of SL"
Popular car shows will be a memory as Motorati Island closes

Pontiac has announced they will be closing Motorati Island on December 31, 2007.  No reason for the closing was given.

Atomic Bombast, event planner for Motorati Island, indicated that the decision to close was not based on the success or lack of it of Motorati Island or of the residents.

"We feel strongly that Motorati Island has set the bar high for how any brand, of any size, should approach Second Life and other similar platforms," Bombast said.  "We are proud of what we have accomplished and of our fantastic residents who are the real reason why this island has been such success."

Patty Streeter of Wonderland Cardin, a female friendly car dealership, and AskPatty Automotive Advice for Women fame (Jody DeVere in real life) hinted that Pontiac has a surprise announcement regarding SL coming up on January 20th.  No further details could be coaxed from Streeter.

"Pontiac, Campfire Media and everyone involved with Motorati Island have been so wonderful," Streeter said.  "I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to start my SL experience on the best car culture place in Second Life, Motorati Island!  They set a really high bar for other big brands coming into SL."

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