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AskPatty in the News, March 2010

Published Mar 31st 2010, 9:00pm by Jody DeVere in Articles Pressroom

March 2010
Jody Devere and AskPatty featured at "The X (Chromosome) Factor"
Does the sex of the person fixing your car, or taking your information over the phone, or writing up an estimate make a meaningful difference? Well, yes, it can. In an industry that serves people who are typically in crisis, creating a nurturing, concerned and yes, feminine, customer care culture is going to bring in business. Not to mention that it creates a more family-friendly work environment for all workers, not just women. Plus, 60 percent of the drivers on the road are women, according to Jody DeVere, CEO of Inc., a Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based company that helps the automotive industry become more female-friendly. That means that more than half your customers should be female. And if they're not, says DeVere, you're doing something wrong.
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Jody Devere and AskPatty featured at "What Women Want"
So you've made yourself a female-friendly employer, laying the groundwork for becoming a shop of choice for that oh-so-coveted female customer base. How to take the next step, and get those ladies into your shop? Jody DeVere, who makes her living telling automotive companies how to appeal to female consumers as CEO of, offers some suggestions.
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March 9, 2010
Jody DeVere at Repair Shop Times: "Who are the 'minority' that accounts for 85% of all consumer purchases?"
Women buy 60 percent of all new cars and 53 percent of used cars, and spend $300 billion annually keeping their cars repaired, and yet, a recent study of 200 Chicago car dealerships by economists Ian Ayres and Peter Siegelman shows that women usually get higher price quotes than men do.
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March 13, 2010 CEO Jody DeVere and Expert Woman Lori Johnson featured on the Mary Talks Money Show: "The Road to Car Buying" on Live Well HD
Your home and car may be your biggest investment.  So buckle up as Mary Talks Money gives a quick course on buying that auto! In Mary's mailbox, Jody shares info on comparing hybrid cars versus conventional vehicles. In "Intimidated by car repairs" you canearn what women need to know to maintain their vehicles with these tips from expert woman Lori Johnson.
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March 19, 2010
Jody DeVere and featured on Woman's Day Web: "Get Your Car Ready for Spring"
"As the temperature increases, so does our desire to hit the road," says Jody DeVere, president and CEO of the automotive advice site Get your car ready for warmer weather with these simple steps.
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March 22,2101
Certified Female Friendly Checkered Flag Motor Corp offers a special discount for Virginia Beach teachers.
The special teacher discount can be used towards purchases of any new or used car from any of Checkered Flag's 11 dealer locations.
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March 29, 2010
Mitchell 1 DIY Signs Internet Affiliate Agreement with
Mitchell 1 anno unced it has signed an Internet affiliate agreement between its Mitchell 1 DIY program (aka for automotive do-it-yourselfers and Inc.; a Web site, blog and second life venue that serves as a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics.
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